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Attomsk's The Pyre - 6th edition build log


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Since I have started building new models for my 6th edition Chaos Pyre army, I decided to keep a build log of my progress.


Here is a picture of what I had painted before the 6th edition codex was released:



You can see more pictures in this flickr album


Initially I'll be working to build my army into a new 1500 point list that will require me to build the following models:

  • HQ
  • Chaos Lord on Juggernaut with Axe of blind fury
  • Chaos Lord on Bike with Axe of blind fury or The Black Mace (magnetized)
  • Chaos Terminator Sorcerer with force weapons (magnetized)
  • 30 cultists
  • 2 Chaos Space Marines w/ Plasma guns
  • Champion with power sword
    Fast Attack
  • 5 chaos bikers, one with swappable icon, 2 with magnetized meltas, and a champion with power sword.
  • Helldrake
  • 5 Havocs with autocannons
  • Aegis Defense Line with Quad gun


Then I plan on growing it into a 2000pt list which I will post about another time. I am currently working on building the cultists, helldrake, and the bikers.


I'll keep this thread updated as I work on things, thanks for looking!




The first model I have finished is the Biker Champion w/ Power Sword. I converted a Dark Vengeance chosen (the Lightning Claw one) into the biker champion.

Here's how he looks:



I'll be working on the Heldrake next.

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Hooray for group shots! Although you might want to consider remounting the DPs on some 60mm monstrous creature bases.


Nice work on the side-swiping champ!


Thanks! For now I only plan on using them if I roll on the boon table, but if I mainstay them in my army again I may consider that.

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That DV Chosen torso look fantastic as a biker, good work spotting a good conversion opportunity and pulling it off. ^_^


Hope we will be seeing some more conversions in the future.

Such a shame GW didn't release a multi-part plastic Chosen kit, eh? :devil:




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Finished assembling my Heldrake! This was the biggest magnetization job I think I've ever had to do. It took 28 magnets and some crafty small pieces of extra support to get everything to be secure when assembled. However, I think it was worth the effort since I will be able to easily transport this beast. Check it out:

Disassembled & Transport ready:



Assembled and ready to burninate:



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That Drake is going to look sick in orange!


Will the Cultists also have an orange based scheme to fit with the rest of the force or will they have a more rag-tag scheme?




I plan on doing the cultists more rag tag with pieces of orange clothing... aka mostly darker clothes but with an orange cloak or orange pants etc. I can't wait to paint the helldrake... now that I have an airbrush it will be more fun and less tedious

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Well I have a triple update! First up is my Chaos lord on a Bike. This guy took a lot of work to get on a bike. He was converted from this guy and a bike kit. His weapon is magnetized so I can take him with the Axe of Blind Fury or The Black Mace. He also has a head from the chaos terminator lord box.




Second up is my chaos sorcerer lord. Simply made with the Chaos terminator lord box... he was a blast to make. Magnetized the arms and head just in case I want to use him as another type of lord in the future:




Lastly, chaos biker with icon. Arm & icon is magnetized.



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Built my aegis defense line this week and when it was done I took a look at it and said, this needs some chaos added to it! I took out my spikey bit bag and went to work. Here is the result.



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