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Serious flyer threat....


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So I have been doing some dice rolling shenanigans while running some theorycraft and have come up with some interesting results for a build I have been contemplating.


I run my Long Fangs with two Razorbacks and started running some dice rolling and things suddenly got interesting. I then added another Razorback as a dedicated transport for a GH pack running with a Saga od the Hunter Wolf Priest and it got even better!


With 12 twin-linked str6 shots, that are also capable of rending, the dice rolls were downing a flyer a turn easily. If in a squadron, it would be downing at least one flyer and removing hull points from others, no problem. That is not the only bonus as the Razorbacks can move at Cruising Speed and it doesn't affect making Snap Shots at Zooming Flyers. With the movement rules for Zooming Flyers being how they are, this allows for maneuvering into position to take advantage of rear armor when applicable.


Lastly, against Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures, the Rending rule kicks in the ap2 goodness of the to wound roll that is lacking against armor.


Anyone else running twinlinked asscans for antiflyer?

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I just started running tlac razorbacks, two currently but looking at going to 3. Mainly because I think they are better for wolves than the typical lc/tlpg plus they look sick. Good point on flyers and cruising speed though, I think this approach is better than dedicated AA personally.


I think Mech is far from dead and SW still do razorbacks better than anyone IMO. Now with the rules changes plus overwatch and such I've been using this as my go to build: 6 gh (or wgpl for cbmelta), flamer, motw, std, razorback- tlac.

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depends on what you'll be facing, and how many points you have to spare. I run the icarus right now, manned by a RP with prescience (and perfect timing when I can roll it). The range of the icarus lets me put the bastion wherever I want, and not have to worry about range ever. The RP makes it twin linked. If you've got 10 points for a chooser, you can be BS 5, but usually you don't actually need it.


If I get PT, it can't evade my shot.


I face a good number of Stormravens and Vendettas, though. YMMV if you're seeing a lot of Cronair.

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