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Using standard Codex Assault Marines to Deep strike.


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I am quite aware that Assault Marines from the standard C:SM are not very popular for their cost and lack of punch compared to other CC units.

The thing is that I own 5 Assault Marines from the battleforce and it would be nice to find a way to put them to use in some way aside from looking cool on my shelf.


So I was wondering if they could fill a role that would complement my army. I have an infantry based gunline/ground pounder army w/ Capt, 2xTacs, Devs, Tac Terms, Sniper Scouts, Sternguard, and a Speeder. I have a single rhino and sometimes proxy in a pod for my transports. Tactically, I generally use the one element of my force to try and bring my shooting to bear while using the pod/deepstrike capable units to react to my enemy's plans.


The deepstriking capability of Assault Marines makes me think that I might be able to make use of them after all in a reactionary role.

If I were to DS them in with a squad of Tac Terms, a Speeder, a drop pod unit, or all of the above; couldn't they be a viable addition to a skirmish force?


Possible wargear load-outs I've thought of for a 5 man squad are:

Barebone or maybe one 15pt wep w/MB - 105-120

2xPlas Pistol, MB -135

SS, PW/LC, Flamer, MB - 145

SS, 2xPlas Pistol, MB - 150

SS, PW/LC, 2xPlas Pistol, MB - 165


It seems like they would be a bit expensive but could potentially cause an enemy to focus on them for a turn or two (giving other units a reprieve), or if ignored, could cause a decent bit of damage. Two plasma shots on landing and two before a charge (if they survive), and either melta bombing an annoying vehicle or hitting a weak infantry unit w/ a LC or PW.


Considering I would try and deep strike them with support from another reserve unit or a unit already on the board. They would likely be ignored while the enemy focused on the bigger perceived threat.


Has anyone used this type of strategy with Assault Marines or fought against a foe who did? In a 1000-1500pt game, how would you react if a squad, geared in the ways I've suggested, where to deep strike somewhere vulnerable with some support nearby and start slinging plasma?

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Well, for a reactionary role (points not withstanding), what about Vanguard Veterans? Heroic Intervention will let them assault the same turn they DS, and that means the potential to bypass that turn of focused enemy fire. For 25 more points you get HI, 1 more base attack per veteran, a Power Weapon on the Sergeant. Discounting the cost of the PW on the Sarge, that leaves a 10 point difference (averaging 2 per model) for the remainder of the improvements (including a wider weapon selection).
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Well, a five man unit with two plasma pistols and maybe a power sword would make for a decent and cheap plink squad on a deep strike. Their foot print is small enough, and the range on the pistols long enough, that you even with a little scatter you should be able to land decently close enough to pour pistol rounds into the enemy. You won't wipe out a squad, but it's enough to kill a Terminator or two (excepting anything with a storm shield, of course).


They also make for an ok tank hunting unit, providing it's not a Land Raider you're aiming for; two S7 AP2 and a S6 grenade into the rear armor of a Dreadnought, Fiend, Rhino, or Vindicator (all things you should have some space to deep strike behind come turn two or three) isn't terrible.

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Ive found that a full unit of 10 with 2 flamers is a really useful reactionary unit,

againts hordes its nice and hard hitting, and its something the foe has to deal with,

because its good at weeding out things like dug in snipers etc...

Finally not many people expect to see vanilla assault marines so supprise is on your side!

Sgt loadout is up to you but i prefer something anti vehicle like a maul and meltabombs

just incase you find a juicy target.


my 2 cents.

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I'd maybe look at using Vanguard Vets for that, if you only give them a SS and a lighting claw and fist they won't break the bank, and with RCLs Heroic Intervention is more likely to work.
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