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500pt Zone Mortalis

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Centurion with power sword


Rapier laser destroyer


Rapier laser destroyer


Tactical squad


Support squad with plasma guns



Rapiers shut down long corridors for enemy walkers, tactical grap objectives, support squad shoots things, centurion because I need an hq and power sword because it is an officers weapon.

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Another fun list



Cataphractii armour

Paragon blade

Pride of the legion


9 cataphractii terminators

Plasma blaster

8 combi bolsters

Chain fist

5 power sits

3 power weapons


Just missing one power fist from the fw set, to easily make it


Does suffer from only being one squad nod a character, but 500pt zm is played on about 2 foot square

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Love the rapier list, think I'd prefer that as I'm a heavy weapons kinda guy, though that termie squad would be very dangerous in Mortalis. If you pitched those two against each other, who would win?


If the rapier list can get the drop then it will.


2 twin linked las cannons and 5 rapid firing plasma guns should thin out the cataphractii, despite the 4++.

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