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Torvak Kyre

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As some of you may know I collect a Luna Wolves army. I would also like to include an Emperors Children Allied detachment led by Saul Tarvitz. To show the Emperors Children's strive for perfection I would like to use Veteran Tactical Squads as troops which I can if I take the pride of the legion Rite of War. However it says in the description that you may not take an allied detachment whilst using this rite. Would you be able to take it if the person intending to use it is part of an allied detachment.


I cannot find anything in the book about this so could i have some help?


Fenris Kid

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I would say... probably not, judging by the wording of the rule. Because your own detachment is the ally of the one with Pride of the Legion, your own detachment would be illegal, I think.
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