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Chosen with Melta or Plasma

Commander Krag

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I have a tendency to roll alot of 1's when I use get's-hot weaponry, so I tend to stay away from Plasma, except on Warpsmiths and Plague Marines.

(This is also the reason why I don't favour the Ectoplasma-Fiend.)


I used a Chosen-unit with 6 meltaguns afew weeks ago. It was great fun. ;)


Edit: to clarify, it was 5 meltaguns and 1 combimelta on the champion.

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Ive got a squad of Chosen with a handful of plasma guns, as they're rife with my friends who tend not to use them. Also gives you a little bit more killing power, more shooting at longer range sometimes is worth the points. (Especially given that one of my friends is a Nid player).


I am, however contemplating a squad with melta guns, and to pick and choose when the time requires one over the other.

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