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Heresy Era Emperor's Children (2000pts)


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Cataphractii armour (Cata), Volkite charger, Paragon blade

Rite of War: Pride of the Legion 162pts



Legion Champion M'C Charnabel sabre, artificer armour, refractor field, sonic shrieker 120pts


Legion Command Squad

2 chosen Cata armour, Plasma blaster 4 Volkite chargers 258



Palatine blades

5 power swords 5 sonic shriekers 170



Legion Terminator Squad

Cata armour, Plasma blaster 5 powerfists 215


Legion terminator Squad

cata armour, Plasma blaster 5 powerfists 215


legion Terminator Squad

cata armour, 2 Plasma blasters 355


Fast Attack

Legion Jetbike Squadron

multi melta 145


Heavy Support

Legion Spartan Tank

Auxiliary Driver, Armoured Ceramite multi melta


I just made this list as abit of fun and to christen the new Forum, have fun and tell me what you think

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