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Rikkard's Great Company


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Hi all,


I've been posting some WIP pictures of my Space Wolves in the Works in Progress forum, and on my blog, and figured if anybody was going to be interested in them it would be you fine lupine people :lol:


The thread on B&C is here.


Blog posts tagged Space Wolves are here.


Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos!




Rikkard Threadcutter, The White Wolf, Jarl of Fyf.




Varungr Hellbade, Wolf Guard to Rikkard.




Hrafn Fire-in-the-Heart, Wolf Priest to Rikkard's Great Company.


Any feedback, questions, or comments, I'll answer as much as I can.


Thanks for looking!

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Thanks, Night Runner – you're too kind. Folks: I would also recommend Night Runner's blog. Some really lovely stuff on there.


I've posted up pictures of some of my power armoured Wolf Guard pack leaders on my blog here.


Here's a group shot for you.



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I got a test model painted: here it is:




If you are interested, I talk a little about how I achieved this look here, on my blog. Essentially, it is all drybrushing and shading with washes with no line highlighting, layering, or blending. This is all part of my aim to produce a decently painted Space Wolf army in as quick and effective a way as possible.


Also, should anyone wish to know, I have a brief tutorial on how I painted the armour itself on my blog here.

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Thanks, greysquigg :D


I've got some paint on a second mini now – Patrekr the Sharp-Minded, a Long Fang Pack Leader.




I managed to sort out my lighting and this photo is much more representative of the true colour of my method of painting the armour.


Lot of WIP goodness on my blog.


Thanks for looking!

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