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huron in tally army


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I was thinking of putting huron in a tally list.


Then you could infiltrate or outflank MoN cultists to get that tally up earlier.

And is it legal to put a chaos lord without bike in a bikers squad and then give the lord infiltrate (it says is must be infantry) so the bikers can infiltrate or outflank.


Would be cool to outflank T6 bikers or mauler fiends.

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Why? It's redundant.


You should be getting the tally to 20 on turn 1 more often than not anyway, and definitely by turn 2.


Cultists are never going to add anything worthwhile to the Tally, although they can benefit somewhat once it's there.


As to Infiltrate, yes it's legal, YMMV on cool, but it's pretty weak. You play fast units because they have the speed to get where they are going - they don't need infiltrate, and outflank slows them down. The whole point to T6 is weathering fire - again something you are not doing, by sending them round the side.

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