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Typhus destroyer hive in a challange?


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Will it affect models not involved in the challange? Fluff wise Id say yes but RAW is not very clear on this. It says that combatants in a challange can not strike blows outside the challange and that wounds from the normal combat can not be allocated to the combatants in a challange. But clearly the destroyer hive can affect multiple combats, and even friendly units. What do you think?
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A challenge means you and another model only strike each other. You are both still part of the overall two units assault however.


With Destroyer Hive it's even simpler - it can hit other units not even in the assault if they are close enough! Typhus needs to be in assault, then you centre a blast over him, and cause one hit per model underneath it. Challenges have precisely zero impact on this, as does whether target units are in assault or not.

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