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Blasphemy! Counts-as Draigowing.


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This is it. I love Chaos. Hate the new line of models. And also, the codex does not approve of Terminator-only armies.

That is why I started looking at Draigowing, Deathwing and Wolfwing. I got stuck at Draigowing as 2W Paladins will better fit my theme of a small warband of Chaos Terminator pirates.

I want this as a long going side-project to my other armies, taking my time, converting and individualizing every single model (hopefully that wont be a problem with around 20 models per 2000p :) ).


Inspired by the dude who's nick I can't remember over in the WIP-part of this forum, using Obliterator legs etc to get alittle mor height and bulk to the termies I am starting this project soon.

Kitbashing, greenstuffing and converting like a maniac.


What I wanted with this post was to ask you a few questions.

1. What do you think of this? Total blasphemy or a fun project? I know my gaming group do approve as we rather play a good looking game than a total rule-orgy one.

2. Have this been done before? Links? (I've already seen the Gorewing-project. Cool one!)

3. Was thinking of using the Decimator Daemon Engines as Dreadknights. Viable sizewise?

4. First thought was using Reaper autocannons as Psycannons. Putting GK-stormbolters on top of Chaos powerfists. Mixing in blades from Ogres and other sorces to represent Halberds, Falcions, Hammers and Swords. Thoughts? Any other particular bits I could use to easily let my opponent understand what each termie represents from the GK-codex?

5. Last but not least. Give me all your characterful inspirational ideas you can think of. Be it concept art or other people's conversins or your own ideas in plain text. What kind of termies would you see in a Chaos warband like this, where every model will be treated a lord himself?


And also. If this should rather be in some Chaos forum. Please forgive me and send it to the Warp.

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*BLAM* Heretic.


Seriously, though, sounds like an awesome idea. I once did the opposite and pooled together my Imp Fists, Wolves and Dark Angels using the 4th Ed Chaos book (still used a proper Daemon prince model, though).


Don't be concerned about what other people think - model your army however you want.

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