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The Scions of Devastation

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Iron Warriors Remnant Grand Company - The Scions of Devastation

The Scions of Devastation is a Grand Company of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion based within the space hulk Crissaegrim. Operating primarily within Segmentum Obscurus, they are known for their siege tactics and the widespread Obliterator virus infection amongst its ranks. They are led by Exalted Warsmith Ignus the Irregulator.


Iron Warriors of the Scions of Devastation were originally part of the Grand Company commanded by Warsmith Damarus the Ironblooded. After his death during the Siege of Terra, Lieutenant Segarus led the Grand Company back to Olympia and entrenched themselves to defend their homeworld from the Loyalist Legions' retribution. Unwillingly to stage the doomed defence, Lieutenant Ignus abandoned their betrayed homeworld and led one half of the Grand Company into the Eye of Terror. After years of staunch defence, Segarus and his Iron Warriors were completely wiped out defending Olympia. Ignus destroyed all records of their Grand Company to honour its memory by letting it perish along with their homeworld.

Ignus and his remnants re-emerged from the Eye of Terror with a terrible ferocity in M34. They unleashed their fury unto Segmentum Obscurus, sinking their fangs into any that stood in their path of vengeance. Companies of Ultramarines and Imperial Fists were hunted down and annihilated without mercy, even at great cost to themselves. In M35, Ignus established the Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser – Crissaegrim as his flagship.

Before the campaign known as the 'Cleansing of Crissaegrim', the half-daemon Gui-Mu named these Iron Warriors the 'Scions of Devastation' in his prophecy, a name Ignus adopted for his Iron Warriors with dark pride.


The Scions of Devastation found their base of operations in M37, after a failed warp-jump caused their flagship to crash and fuse into a drifting space hulk after being caught by its gravity field.

The Iron Warriors battled against the half-daemon warriors that infested the space hulk in a gruesome campaign now known as the 'Cleansing of Crissaegrim'. Massive casualties forced the Iron Warriors to halt their quest for vengeance and found the space hulk as their new base of operations. Ignus named the space hulk after his flagship – Crissaegrim.

Crissaegrim is completely incapable of warp travel, despite all efforts by the Dark Mechanicus. It orbits around Megnir, a gas giant in the Thaskalos Star System, about fifteen times the diameter of Terra. The space hulk's surface is covered by twisted metal and thick ice. Its soupy atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen, methane, and hydrogen-cyanide. Gargantuan vents release these poisonous gases from the space hulk's dark core into its atmosphere, which then fall back as toxic chemical snow.

Combat Doctrine

The Iron Warriors follow a simple method. They commence battle with a sustained bombardment utilising every gun at their disposal. The basis of this is a complex fire plan in which every weapon is directed with utmost care at the optimum target for maximum effect. Where possible, the Iron Warriors will coordinate with Traitor Titan Legions to add to their own considerable firepower. The bombardment can last for weeks as the Iron Warriors rarely seem to be short of ammunition. They handle their weaponry well, with formations moving forward to fire and then redeploying before any reprisal. Often their entire force will move laterally to bring their fire against enemy weak points, with the result that counter-attacks flounder helplessly in the teeth of the Iron Warriors' weapons.

Where possible, field fortifications will be used to reinforce the line. Iron Warrior doctrine includes extensive use of fortifications to tie opponents down with the absolute minimum number of troops. This in turn keeps the bulk of the Iron Warriors troops fresh and available for assaults.

When a breach has been forced in the enemy defences it will initially be probed by veterans and infiltrated, then the gap will be prised open with firepower until a storming force can be unleashed.

These storming forces are based around fast moving heavy armour which can move instantly from relentless barrage to lightning-fast advance. Breaches are then widened until the defences are shattered. For the key moments in battle when a position absolutely must be taken, the Iron Warriors adopt an ice-cold ferocity that is comparable to the Blood Angels or World Eaters but only when the moment is right and never for longer than necessary.

Once they have an opponent at their mercy, the Iron Warriors are content to surround them and destroy them at their leisure, always preferring to let shell and laser beam do their work for them.

The Iron Warriors are expert sappers, engineers and miners and have acquired a formidable siege train of specialist equipment over the centuries. This includes Termite tunnellers, a Leviathan transport, Dreadclaw assault boats adapted for planetary landings and a large assortment of Imperial-built artillery. These are used very sparingly and are maintained and guarded by the 1st Company.

Additionally they have a number of Corvus assault pods which allow them to make use of any supporting Titans as siege towers. The Iron Warriors are so frequently supported by Titans that some Imperial experts have asserted that they are part of the same formation. This is not widely accepted, but the theory is a reflection of the Legion's predilection for heavy barrages.


The Scions of Devastation are of the Iron Warriors First Founding Legion and bear the gene-seed of Perturabo. They are subject to varying degrees of mutation since turning to Chaos and have been known to replace mutated limbs with cybernetic ones.

They have a marked tendency toward suspicion and paranoia but are also extremely intelligent with naturally well-developed problem solving abilities.


The Scions of Devastation share their Warsmith's all-consuming hatred for the Ultramarines and Imperial Fists Chapters for the destruction of Olympia, and seek to avenge their fallen brothers through any means necessary.

They view themselves with cold arrogance, and treat all manner of Chaos as disposable tools of war. Their emphasis in techno-organic research have attracted countless Hereteks to Crissaegrim, filling the space hulk's warped halls with blasphemies to the Adeptus Mechanicus.


The Scions of Devastation are led by Exalted Warsmith Ignus the Irregulator, and their current organization is completely non-standard. Ultimate command lies with the Core, and their orders are carried out by the Selects. Each Select in turn leads his own detachment of Iron Warriors.

+++THE CORE+++
Nerve center of the Scions of Devastation, the Core was created by Ignus after the True Olympian Uprising and is situated within the space hulk's vast labyrinthian core.

Forneus Ironmaw, The Final Wound
One of the first Iron Warriors inducted into the Cult of Murder during the Ashen Crusade, Forneus and Squad Phobos claimed countless skulls for their dark master. He was captured by Samaedi of the Black Legion on Aldrin II, and became subject to the Slaaneshi's cruel tortures. His barely-living carcass was sent back to Ignus as a warning, which served only to strengthen the Warsmith's resolve. Unwilling to let the berserker die, Ignus encased Forneus within ancient 'Ironmaw' dreadnought. Forneus Ironmaw continued to fight in the front lines of battle, eventually dealing the finishing blow unto Samaedi on his flagship – Hell's Womb. Pleased with this act, Khorne elevated his maimed servant unto daemonhood.

Maelstrom keeps Forneus Ironmaw in stasis between battles, activating this daemonic engine only in times of dire need. He was last seen during the Thirteenth Black Crusade, laying waste to the defenders of Kasr Sonnen.

Ignus the Irregulator, Exalted Warsmith
Igarol was born on Terra in the 30th Millennium, and is one of the first inductees into the ranks of the Astartes Legions. Gifted with Perturabo's cold intellect, he received training from the Adeptus Biologicus on Mars and quickly mastered the development and use of viral weaponry. He firmly believes in the Imperial Truth and often found more comfort surrounded by machinery than men.

Upon Olympia, as the Emperor found his long-lost son, Igarol found two men that he will soon call his blood-brothers. Damarus the strategist and Segarus the warrior originally served under Dammekos, and aided Perturabo in ousting the tyrant. Since their induction into the Iron Warriors, the three men quickly formed an unbreakable bond. Igarol adopted the Olympian name – Ignus, and served under Damarus as Apothecary.

Since his retreat into the Eye of Terror, Ignus launched a series of bloody campaigns against the Ultramarines and Imperial Fists. His quest of vengeance continued until his betrayal by Samaedi of the Black Legion during the Abyssal Crusade and the subsequent destruction of his flagship in the Thaskalos Star System.

Ignus wears a modified version of his ancient Olympian Tactical Dreadnought armour, forged from an age long lost and augmented with heretical technology from the Dark Mechanicus. His Narthecium has long been perverted beyond recognition, and his entire left arm has been replaced by warp-forged machinery.

Core Augur Maelstrom, Sorcerer of the Forge, the Silent One
Maelstrom is the most trusted advisor of Ignus, and is instrumental to the survival and success of the Grand Company. Known as 'Gui-Mu' in his native tongue, this void-born half-daemon was once the High Augur of the Cabal of the Night Sky. After the Cabal's defeat during the Cleansing, Gui-Mu and his kin were forced into Ignus' gene-seed implantation experiment. He was inducted into the Iron Warriors as the experiment's sole survivor, and took up the name 'Maelstrom' after a vision from Tzeentch. His personal weapon is the 'Undying Edge', an ancient double-handed broadsword imbued with the essence of life.

Sharing Ignus' obsession of techno-organic research, Maelstrom attempted to decipher Obliterator communications. This led to the creation of a modified strain of the Obliterator virus that prevents the host from progressing into the final phases of Obliteratorhood. Hosts infected with this strain frequently requires chemical enhancements, adrenaline stimulants, synaptic catalysts, and neuron-reprogramming to function. Maelstrom subjected all manner of slaves and Hereteks to this virus, which led to the creation a cabal of bio-mechanical warrior-slaves known as 'The Corrupt'.

Through his genius and fell sorcery, Maelstrom successfully mimicked how Obliterators communicate with one another through an artificial psionic communication link known as the "Collect". Only high ranking Iron Warriors are able to access the Collect, allowing for instantaneous information transfer over large distances.

Maelstrom has long recognized the superiority of the Obliterator as an instrument of war, a fact made clear in the savage Ashen Crusade. The Safeguards are the pinnacle of his research of the modified Obliterator virus on hardened Iron Warrior veterans. These once proud Iron Warriors have over 80% of their flesh replaced with machine, resulting in utterly loyal mechanoids devoid of all humanity and entombed in the Tactical Dreadnought Armour. They have long lost the ability to speak and can only communicate through binary chatter and the Collect.

Vammatar the Warpchild, Champion of Fernex
Former Genetor of the Adeptus Biologicus. Einhard Vammatar was captured by the Dark Eldar during a slave-taking raid while accompanying Imperial forces. Drugged and tortured to the brink of madness, he cried out for salvation in the face of utter despair. What answered his call was not the grace of the Omnissiah, but a dark whisper from the Immaterium. Fuelled by its power, Vammatar massacred the entire crew of the assault boat and piloted the ship into the Eye of Terror.

Vammatar is obsessed with the ultimate possibilities of techno-organic fusion, and saw hope in merging flesh and machinery to produce blasphemies that surpassed the limitations of both forms. His experiments led to the creation of the Damnati, rotting marionettes made of flesh-fused machinery.

Vammatar obtained the remains of an Obliterator in M38, which caused him to mobilize his army of Hereteks and Damnati on a campaign to acquire more exemplary samples. The search led him into conflict against the Scions on seven separate occasions, ending with his submission to the Irregulator in early M39.

He now serves as the leader of the Dark Mechanicus within Crissaegrim, and quartermaster of the Scions of Devastation.

Distinguished veterans of the Scions of Devastation are all infected with the modified Obliterator virus strain in a process called "Selection". As their minds slowly sink into oblivion, some are able to retain their personalities. These elite few are known as the Select.

Anthrax served as leader of Squad Deimus since the Horus Heresy. Although his skills tend toward the tactical, he is, nonetheless, an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. The Dark Mechanicus enhanced his body with sinister bionics to create a remorseless killing machine.

A warrior of great renown since the days of Olympia, Baetal led Squad Ixion during the True Olympian Uprising in a failed attempt to remove Ignus as Warsmith of the Scions of Devastation. He was defeated by Maelstrom and left to rot in the life-support systems of a dreadnought sarcophagus. Baetal's insane fury served admirably during the Thirteenth Black Crusade after four thousand years of quarantine.

Brutally maimed during the Horus Heresy, Chamber was kept barely alive by his sus-an membrane. After the discovery of the new Obliterator virus strain, Maelstrom infected Chamber's broken carcass and fused it with corrupted machinery.

Former Havoc and expert of solid projectile weaponry, Corrosion became the leader of Squad Icelus after its former leader died rejecting the modified Obliterator virus.

Considered a failure by Maelstrom, Entropy was one of the first Iron Warriors chosen for the Safeguard Program. Although a highly-efficient killing machine, the modified Obliterator virus wracks constant pain throughout his body.

A warrior of immense strength. Gorgias incurred the wrath of Ferrus Ironclaw by fleeing the Second Grand Company in the midst of battle. Lobotomy and chemical conditioning ensured that the mistake will never be repeated.

The 'Shrapnels' is the secretive kill-team of the Scions, a vision of death whose sole purpose is to carry out assassinations for their Warsmith. After their final mission on Kasr Holn during the Thirteenth Black Crusade, only one Iron Warrior survived. This nameless warrior was personally chosen for Selection by Ignus.

The Safeguards are usually devoid of all personality, following orders with cold intellect. Sigma is an anomaly in that he retained one personality trait - cruelty.

A cold and calculating tactician, Syzygy wrestled a warp-forged weapon from the grips of a Bloodletter of Khorne during the Thirteenth Black Crusade. He is since sighted with this trademark Power Fist and Hellblade combination.

Obliterators of the Scions of Devastation are given the name 'Immortals' due to the vast resources used to sustain their ranks. When an Obliterator is destroyed in battle, a part of him is recovered and used in the assembly of the next revision.

Former Hell Talon pilot, Cyclops was infected by the Obliterator virus and merged with the Chaos fighter.

Disconnect is the only Immortal to serve in every major engagement. He serves Ignus' will without question.

Given to Ignus in preparation for the Thirteenth Black Crusade from Medrengard.

Given to Ignus in preparation for the Thirteenth Black Crusade from Medrengard.

This Obliterator was given the nickname 'Surma' during the Janus Campaign by the desert-world's inhabitants after a mythical beast of old.

A result of a complex mind-control experiment by Maelstrom, Tensor was created with the aim of penetrating the Obliterator's thoughts.

Heavily lobotomised, Vector is powered completely by the corrupted machine spirit trapped within the daemonic vessel.

Each squadron of the Scions of Devastation is led by a Select, who utilizes his dark mind to process vast amounts of data on the battlefield and guide his squadron to ultimate victory.

The Corrupt
Iron Warriors infected with the modified Obliterator virus but failed to retain their sanity are inducted into the black squadron known as the 'Corrupt'. These twisted men are void of all emotions, and are deployed to undertake the most suicidal tasks in battle.

Squad Antalus (Select Chamber)
These tank-hunting specialists takes great glee in the destruction of enemy vehicles. They are often deployed with a Chaos Rhino APC to speed to more advantageous positions.

Squad Deimus (Select Anthrax)
A powerful unit of Iron Warrior veterans that seek to dominate the battlefield. They believe themselves as the standard that all Iron Warriors aspire to.

Squad Icelus (Select Corrosion)
Having served the Grand Company since the Great Crusade, Squad Icelus has seen countless conflicts in numerous battlefields.

Squad Ixion (Select Baetal)
Members of Squad Ixion are culled by Maelstrom in the aftermath of the True Olympian Uprising.

Squad Morpheus (Select Syzygy)
Created after the events of Justice Rock, Squad Morpheus is the ancient squadron originally led by Ignus.

Squad Phobus (Select Shrapnel)
All members of Squad Phobos were inducted into the Cult of Murder by Forneus and became the only squadron of Khorne Berserkers within the Grand Company. After their destruction in the Ashen Crusade, this squad holds new Iron Warriors from Medrengard.

Squad Zelus (Select Entropy)
Specializing in rapid close-combat engagements, Squad Zelus is known for their brutal tactics and fearlessness in the face of enemy onslaught.

The ancient vehicles of the Scion of Devastation has seen over ten-thousand years of endless war. Each one is maintained not only by the Dark Mechanicus, but also the Iron Warriors themselves to ensure optimal condition and performance.

The most ancient Predator tank of the Scions of Devastation, Cerberus has been in service since its construction on Olympia during the Great Crusade.

Found inside a dead crypt during the Janus Campaign, this Vindicator assault tank chills the very air around it.

The first vehicle of the Scions to undergo daemonic possession, this Vindicator assault tank was declared destroyed by Imperial forces no less than eight times since its first sighting during the Horus Heresy.

Personal transport of the Irregulator, this now extinct Olympian pattern Land Raider Armoured Proteus was secretly developed by the Iron Warriors on their homeworld. Maintenance of this ancient vehicle is usually performed by the Warsmith himself.

Forged by the Warpchild, this daemon engine is powered by the infinite hatred of the daemon imprisoned within its mutated hulls.

Constructed from the void-forge deep within Crissaegrim, this Predator is often deployed as fire-support for the Immortals.

The standard mobile artillery piece of the Imperial Guard in the 41st Millennium, this corrupted Basilisk tank was heavily modified after salvaging it from Armageddon.

Another blasphemy of the Warpchild, Sky was created with the singular focus of raining destruction from the skies. It is often deployed with its daemonic twin - Mud.

One of the proudest achievement of the Warpchild. This rare Achilles pattern Land Raider was taken from the Crimson Fists and corrupted beyond all measure. It serves as the personal transport of the Champion of Fernex.

War Beast
Supplied by the Black Legion in the onset of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, this Defiler was first deployed in the Agripinaa Sector.

Notable Campaigns
M33 - The Janus Campaign The Iron Warriors face off against Eron/Bael and his World Eaters upon the blasted desert world of Janus Majoris. Composed of two equally dangerous personalities, Eron/Bael was barely defeated with the aid of a mysterious Tzeentchian sorceror cabal.
M35 - The Blood Hunt The Iron Warriors lay waste to Imperial Fist and Ultramarine forces in Segmentum Obscurus. Heavy casualties sustained.
M37 - The Abyssal Crusade The infamous betrayal of the Iron Warriors by the Black Legion elevated Samaedi to daemonhood. The Slaaneshi unleashed salvos of sonic weaponry unto close combat in the midst of battle, killing both friend and foe. Ignus and his Iron Warriors narrowly escaped the warp rifts opened by Samaedi's ascension, and the daemons that flooded through into real-space.
M37 - The Cleansing of Crissaegrim The Iron Warriors defeats the Cabal of the Night Sky and establishes the space hulk as their new base of operations.
M37 - The True Olympian Uprising Still embittered by Ignus' actions on Olympia, Baetel inflamed the rest of the Grand Company to overthrow their Warsmith in the aftermaths of the Cleansing of Crissaegrim. Citing his Terran birth and the heavy casualties suffered by the Iron Warriors, Baetel and Squad Ixion nearly succeeded in their insurrection before Maelstrom intervened. Ignus went into a 300 year long coma after losing his left arm to Baetel's virus claw.
M39 - The Seven Battles Ignus defeated and released Einhard Vammatar a total of six times before the Warpchild's submission to the Warsmith after his seventh and most costly defeat. This campaign earned Ignus the title of 'The Irregulator'.
M40 - The Ashen Crusade The bloodiest campaign in the Scions' history. Ignus tracked down Samaedi on Aldrin II, and unleashed salvos of virus bombs that forced Samaedi onto his flagship - Hell's Womb. The Slaaneshi made his final stand in a foetal ocean of amniotic fluid, limitless flesh, and mountains of pulsating teeth and claws all given shape through fell sorcery. The final assault forced Ignus to sacrifice countless lives to Khorne in exchange for power. Samaedi was utterly destroyed under the combined might of iron and blood.
M41 - The Thirteenth Black Crusade The Scions of Devastation launches a series of brutal assaults unto the Cadian System, devastating Kasr Sonnen, Kasr Holn, and Agripinaa.
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Okay, so, my first Call of Chaos! My vow is currently my Warsmith (Chaos Lord), and my Daemon Prince.


Here are the photos of what I got so far. I am pretty sure I have Preferred Enemy (Wallet) as a USR by now...



So, these are what I will be using for the Warsmith. So happy finecast is easy to cut. There will be a lot of cutting. Starting with my fingers. Remember to always cut AWAY from you.



Daemon Prince. Going the all mechanical route. Will use parts from the Decimator, Blood Slaughterer, and other pieces from non-GW ranges.

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Update: Almost finished Warsmith conversion


So, here is the gist of the guy. C&C appreciated.









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Well, I filed off all the minotaur iconography, and left the skull on his right knee intact. Should I file that off too? It's a bummer, as I don't know what to put on the left knee. I tried to GS an IW symbol on there using the IW shoulderpads, but the GS is not good enough. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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The skull should be fine. You could add a skull to the other leg if you wanted. Just get a skull and cut the back half off before attaching it. I've used this kind of technique several times on my own minis.
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Well, I filed off all the minotaur iconography, and left the skull on his right knee intact. Should I file that off too? It's a bummer, as I don't know what to put on the left knee. I tried to GS an IW symbol on there using the IW shoulderpads, but the GS is not good enough. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Make it completely smooth with careful scraping and Greenstuff, then paint chevrons man!
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Servo! Not seen you in years mate, ever since back on Index Astartes forums, how've you been?


Looking forward to keep track of this blog, so far everything seems pretty good.


Make it completely smooth with careful scraping and Greenstuff, then paint chevrons man!

Iron Warriors use hazard stripes, not chevrons. Common mistake :D

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Servo! Not seen you in years mate, ever since back on Index Astartes forums, how've you been?


Looking forward to keep track of this blog, so far everything seems pretty good.


Make it completely smooth with careful scraping and Greenstuff, then paint chevrons man!

Iron Warriors use hazard stripes, not chevrons. Common mistake :P

and chevrons :P
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The skull should be fine. You could add a skull to the other leg if you wanted. Just get a skull and cut the back half off before attaching it. I've used this kind of technique several times on my own minis.

I tried, but it looks nowhere as good as the other skull. Will have to improve my sculpting skills and try again, or go with another option. Can I trouble you for a link on how you did it?


Well, I filed off all the minotaur iconography, and left the skull on his right knee intact. Should I file that off too? It's a bummer, as I don't know what to put on the left knee. I tried to GS an IW symbol on there using the IW shoulderpads, but the GS is not good enough. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Make it completely smooth with careful scraping and Greenstuff, then paint chevrons man!

I also don't want to file off the cool greek alphabets on the model currently. I want chevrons/hazard strips. But I really think what we see regularly are way too big. Space Marines are 2 metres tall, so giant chevrons make little sense. I really want to achieve this effect below, but am unsure on how.



Servo! Not seen you in years mate, ever since back on Index Astartes forums, how've you been?


Looking forward to keep track of this blog, so far everything seems pretty good.

It's been ages! I am glad you are still around! Send me a message and we can catch up.


I like the background! Your Warpsmith looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the characters created!

Thanks for your kind words and support!


When that Warsmith is done, may I worship him?

Let's hope my painting skills can do him justice!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, so I think I screwed up on the warsmith. The symbol looks horrible, even though I thinned it down. Thoughts?


Not really a part of the Call of Chaos, but the bits arrived to I made my terminator retinue - the Safeguards! Made using Necron Deathmark heads.


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  • 4 weeks later...


So, this guy is almost done. Still, I can't paint as well as I want it to. Which really really sucks. It's times like this when I am envious of those guys who can paint amazing minis.

Just a question, should I paint the feet at all? I was going to do the trims then I thought it might look weird.

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