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Prot's Blood Pact IG


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I wasn't sure where the best places to put these was but I wanted to add this because it's one of my favorite non-PA projects.

I usually become inspired by the sight of a cool army, but this time it was totally the opposite. I loved the idea of a counter IG army that actually worked like a real formidable force. To me, Abnett showed the Renegades, or Blood Pact could be very organized, and structured.

A lot of the ideas that inspired me came from various sources. The most obvious being Blood Pact novels, but also I still loved "Double Eagle" for getting a surprising glimpse of the deep structure of the Archenemy. (Who can forget that Blood Pact pilot 'ace' getting strapped in?)

One of the greatest sources for my army is probably the rare Sabbat World's Crusade book from back in 2005. Full of great illustrations (the dude with the nasty mask (Annakawar Sek - "One whose voice drowns out all others")? Nasty. I've carried this thing around with me for years. It's never out of arm's reach for me.

Anyway, enough of the background stuff. Here's what I've finished and take pictures of:

I would like to re-visit most of this stuff but it's about time I took it out of hiding.

My HQ. Counts as Straken and his nasty comrades.


A couple of the big tanks.... I kept hand painted chaos icons to limited to the Chimera's only as I confess they were a bit more time consuming than I hoped.


A platoon section:


Perhaps my favorite model of the current lineup:


And most of my last tournament Blood Pact army:



Vhazilok was a prime general during the later stages of the Sabbat World’s Crusade.

Vhazilok was ordered by Warmaster Macaroth to overtake a promethium rich planet and bait a large portion of the Blood Pact forces to commit to the battle.

At this point it is rumoured Vhazilok felt the Warmaster had lost touch with the reality of the war and had lost his way (and mental fortitude) at the cost of victory.

Instead of suppressing the planet and demolishing the promethium reserves it is rumoured that Vhazilok welcomed the Blood Pact. And in turn the Blood Pact welcomed Vahzilok as a vital ‘Etoguar’ into the Blood Pact fold. With the strong use of air calvary, and hit and run tactics, Vhazilok would prove to be one of the greatest threats to the Imperial Warmaster’s strategy during, and beyond the Sabbat Crusade.

Etogaur Vhazilok is considered well liked, and a very inspirational leader to his Blood Pact army. Eventually seven more major military units (records expunged from imperial databases) have joined Vhazilok’s army in a never ending quest to free civilized worlds from Imperial tyranny and control.

In close knit circles around the Warmaster, it is rumoured that Vhazilok is still mentioned in hushed tones as being perhaps one of Macaroth’s greatest failures. To this day Macaroth denies the existence of the 'Trissgon' event.


Please see my signature if you would like to see some additional tournament pictures. Thanks for looking.

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Thank you very much. They've been a very slow project as I try to add my own touch to every piece in some (even tiny) way.... But I have more coming.


You've been in the hobby a long time, so I take your kind word to heart. Thanks.


And the background is a lot bigger, but I try to compress it for 'official' army lists I do which include pictures and short pieces of fiction. So the back story has been a long time development too!


I'm just thankful Vraks came out, and chaos etchings and those amazing tank powders. It all made the project just a bit funner.

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I Love this army.  Blood Pact were one of the things I liked in the GG series after theGhosts themselves ^_^


The Chaos symbol free hand is awesome ^_^

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