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Ragnar great company pads on GW webstore


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Hey all,


Was perusing the webstore the other night and came across a set of 10 ragnar great company pads in the SW Bitz section. Can anyone tell me/show me how they compare size wise to the ragnar pad in the plastic space wolf box? I'm hoping (and most likely completely unrealistically) that they are the same and just cast in either metal or resin.


If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.





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They are, however, mostly the same. They didn't change much at all from those ancient metal Ragnar pads when they updated them to make new ones.


Warsmith, if you want to see what they look like on models, click on the link for my Space Wolves in my signature block; I've got a crap-ton of models sporting those old metal shoulder pads, and several with the plastics. Without really looking very closely, you'd never figure out which was which.



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Never been a fan of the GW sculpted pads. They've never looked right to me. FW ones are much better or just using transfers.


Unless I've missed something, Forgeworld hasn't done pads for Power Armoured Wolves, and unfortunately their TDA pads were created ages ago and fit the older and smaller plastic TDA model arms (they don't fit well at all with the current era WGTDA pack). I've been extremely pleased with the old-school pewter shoulder pads for the Wolves from GW, and use them for right (pack) and left (Ragnar's GC) markings for every single one of my PA models, including even the Land Speeder crewmen. I think they look great by adding the depth and extra dimension to that otherwise flat surface of the shoulder pad. To me, they are far superior to using a transfer, and even the old ones are good, even if they aren't as great as the new plastic ones. At least you can get the old ones in bulk for a reasonable price. The main downside is that you're out of luck if you want a GC other than Ragnar's.



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Yes, FW doesn't do SW pads. It was more a generalization. The white metal pads always looked like they were done as practice pieces by trainee sculptors to me and were raised too high.
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