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Thunderfire shenanigans

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So you can't move an artillery piece within the upper floors of ruins, as it is not infantry or jump infantry. That's a given.


But why would you want to?


I posit that, although you can't move a thunderfire cannon upward in ruins, you CAN deploy one in ruins and simply never move it.


I don't care about the fluff, a techmarine who can fix the grav system on a land speeder or an afterburning turbofan in a handful of seconds under fire is certainly not going to balk at reinforcing some rickety ruins to support his favorite bullet ejaculator.


Anyway, I argued this at length in my local gaming hole because the logic is with me, but I am curious what the community has to say before I rebuild my techmarine with a crane on his servo-harness.


Captain Mallastyr: Brother Goris, can you put your artillery on that ruined building?

Brother Goris: No, sir. That procedure was forgotten when Eldar invaded the Lachrymae Duce forge world.

Captain Mallastyr: (puts Goris in a headlock) how about now?

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As it happens, there are an awful lot of things the empire can't build anymore. this is mentioned fairly frequently in the fluff (Although exactly what seems to change from time to time), but I can't think of anything, either in rules or fluff that would prevent you from putting the thunderfire on a floor in a ruin.


I may have overlooked it, but I was looking at the rules for atillery the other day as I was about to use some for the first time, and I couldn't find any deployment restrictions like that.


If anyone has a problem with it, ask them to point out where the rules says that their deployment is restricted.

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Also bear in mind this quote:


You should agree with our opponent at the beginning of the game whether or not any other unit types can enter the upper levels of a ruin.


It then gives an example of walkers and MCs getting access if it looks sturdy. So if there's a ramp you could agree that your TFC can move there.


As for deployed there, I can't see anything to stop it being deployed there.

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I'm not claiming anything. I'm just stating that the rulebook makes allowances to better simulate scenario in a realistic manner in relation to certain units where both players agree.


However, rules wise, what I basically pointed out is that the rulebook is fine with TFCs moving up levels in ruins, if both players agree.

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What a strange question. But here's the dictionary definition:


An inclined surface or roadway connecting different levels


Of course, if it went from the bottom of the building to the top the ramp could be too steep, but then if it goes up one floor it wouldn't be, or if it turns etc.


Point is, the rulebook allows you to make allowances for different types of units on buildings provided their modelled correctly. So if there's a working elevator that looks big enough you could argue the TFC can go in it to the top, so long as you agree with your opponent.

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What is to say it wasn't dropped off by a specially rigged thunderhawk transporter before the battlefield commenced? Maybe it was taken apart and assembled up there to act as a stongpoint.


I know for a fact that a White Dwarf battle report had a thunderfire cannon deployed on the first floor of a bunker complex (Damned if i remember what issue, but was Salamanders vs Tyranids for sure when the Trygon etc came out)


The point is there are many reasons it could be up there. as long as it is not declared as impassable terrain on the top of the building then go for it. if they want to get that picky then you would argue, that how do their units get from one floor to another without ladders? a certain amount of lateral thinking is needed in our universe. Bet they wouldn't complain if they wanted something big of theirs on top of the building......

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