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A new long term project: Warlord Titan


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Ok. After seeing the attempts at building a 40k scale Warlord Titan, I have decided to try it as well.

However I wanted to come at the design and styling of the Titan a different way, so I started with pencil and paper and first worked out basic shapes and proportions. Here is what I ended up with:

Side View:



Front View:



Rear View:



The grid is 1" square and the whole thing works out to be 27 1/2" tall. I am building it as a Empire variant as the Imperial AT-AT head shows because I just don't like the head the Warlord is shown with.


Now in terms of scale, I found a reference of 100ft (1200") for the Warlord, with an equivalent game size of 23". That works out to a 1:52 scale, which makes my version stand 1430" or 119' in real world terms. Now wanting to put an Imperial Walker head on the beast, I found a 3d model of the AT-AT in the Google Sketch up library and modeled the Warlord beside it in full size. So now I have 3d model of the Warlord standing next to an AT-AT and it makes the AT-AT much more terrifying. You can see for yourselves:


Front view:



Side by Side:



With Volcano Cannons blocked out:



With the web giving the AT-AT a height of 22.5 meters, it turns out to be big! Scary big!

More to come on a slow and long term timeline.

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Looks pretty good to me. I think maybe the legs could be spaced further apart though. Im not opposed to the head choice. It might work out. Have to wait and see. So are you actually gonna build it with styrene or card? I've started a warhound and had it not been for a few real life setbacks, I'd be a little further along, but am enjoying the actual build process. Quite challenging and fun.
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