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Space Marine VS Space Marine battle


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My first suggestion would be a 1st turn drop pod of combi-melta sternguard. 10 combat squadded upon deployment if you have enough/enough points to spare. Melta whatever armour threats are in range.

If they survive to the second turn their special ammo takes on whatever threats are nearby. And there are likely to be several...


As for stormtalons, Telion manning an Aegis' quad gun is a popular choice.

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what to fight land raiders, storm talons and dreadnoughts with space amrines

Vulkan armies work great vs other marine armies. Multimelta attack bikes, mm/hf speeders, thunder hammer terminators, land raiders with attached multimelta, tac squads with flamer+combiflamer, etc. are all extremely good vs SM units, transports, and dreads, and Vulkan only makes them all the more reliable. Storm talons only have AV11, so any quad gun or another storm talon will make short work of them. Also, you can just fire a whole lot of high str shots at them, you only have to get lucky twice (glance or penetrating) to take away those two HPs, and vulkan again makes getting lucky a lot easier. ;]

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Marine on marine action?


Then yes, suicide melta squads (podded) vs landraiders/preds/vindicators.


AA via quad guns to combat flyers/reserves, unless you can access IA forgeworld marine AA assets. Another means to have good AA is to have a means to twin link squads firing massed plasmagun EQs or melta EQs. Also note the dice gods favor the twin-linked assault cannon variant of the razorback over other variants in 6th for many similar AA and AP purposes.

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