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Rhino to razor conversion


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There are a few kits floating around in the interwebs if you need a turret. I created a thread quite a while ago and there are quite a lot of options, you should search for it.

Personally, I use stormraven landing pads to make a turret and glue them on a regular 25mm base, then magnetize SR lascannon/plasmacannon to make a LC/TLPL turret^^

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What size is the turret ring on a razor? The size of a 25mm base? If so, grab some spare heavy bolters, chop off the muzzle, and glue on some assault cannons and stick the whole thing on a base. Not the best looking conversion, but fast and easy.



It's GW, have a guess.. its smaller than a 40mm base but larger than 25mm, lest you could make easy conversions :huh: I still use small bases though and magnetize them to a bar set to the lower side of the roof, the gap is not very big so it looks good.

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Bolter back?

Basicaly a gunner with two heavy bolters on the pintel mount.

Would everyone be cool calling that a bolterback?

Ok, the specific tank is a vindie, but if it were Rhino?

Shouldnt be a problem for me to knock up half a dozen of those ;)

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