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Books featuring Night Haunter and Night Lords


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I'm starting up Night Lords and I want to read some novels about them, specifically ones where Konrad Curze is featured. I haven't read any of the Heresy series yet, so I'm not sure which ones would be worth my time if I'm only interested in NL.


Just from browsing around, I think buying the Shadows of Treachery and Age of Darkness makes the most sense?


Then I could read The Dark King then Savage Weapons then Prince of Crows. Would that be the correct chronological order?


Once I catch up on Night Haunter novels, I plan on reading Lord of the Night and ADB's series.

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Haven't been updated in a while but for what it is worth:


Night Lords


Codex: Battlezone: Cityfight, A narrative Cityfight battle between the Night Lords and Imperial Guard.


Codex: Chaos for second edition


Codex: Chaos Spacemarines v3


Codex: Chaos Spacemarines v4


Index Astartes II, The Night Lords Space Marine Chapter: A detailed background of the primarch Night Haunter and the terrifying Night Lords.

German White Dwarf: #24


Oz White Dwarf: #286, IA: The Eye of the Storm


UK White Dwarf: #231, Harbingers of Doom - Chaos Space Marine Raptors.


UK White Dwarf: #233, A Secret War: A battle report between the Dark Angels and the Night Lords.


UK White Dwarf: #260, Index Astartes First Founding - Bringers of Darkness, The Night Lords Space Marine Chapter.

UK White Dwarf: #261, Lords of the Night: A cityfight battle between the Night Lords and Imperial Guard.


UK White Dwarf: #269, IA: Rhino Armored Personnel Carrier.




Novel: Sons of Fenris, by Lee Lightner.


Novel: Lord of the Night, by Simon Spurrier. Night Lords Commander Sahaal has been in exile for ten thousand years, plotting to defeat his treacherous rival Acerbus and once again rule over his dark army. To do this he must find an ancient artefact that was stolen from him.

Novel: Blood Reaver, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Novel: Soul Hunter, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. The Night Lords form an uneasy allegiance with the Black Legion in order to assault the valuable planet of Crythe Primus.

Novel: Fulgrim, by Graham McNeill. Fulgrim centers around the Primarch of the Emperor's Children Legion, as he and his Legion became the Chosen of Slaanesh, the Dark Prince of Chaos. Ferrus Manus and his Iron Hands also play a prominent role in the novel, and the pivotal Battle of Istvaan V is described in detail.


Novel: Soul Drinkers: Chapter War, by Ben Counter, the Daemon Prince Periclitor makes an appearance.


Novel: Words of Blood, Short-story: Chains of Command, by Graham McNeill


Novel: Heroes of the Space Marines, Short-story: Nightfall, by Peter Fehervari. A group of Night Lord Raptors makes a foray to a forgotten imperial world, the objective: to gather new recruits.


Short-story: Shadow Knight, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. This story tells of the journey of a normal child to become a deadly Chaos Space Marine.

Short-story: The Dark King, by Graham McNeill.


I have highlighted the ones that feature Konrad directly

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Yeh, Shadows of Treacherie is very good.


The book has 3 stories about the Night haunter, and it presents them in the right order. If i recall correctly, Dark King, Lightning Tower, Prince of Crows.


Lightning Tower is more about Dorn, then Curze, but it's still a nice read, and its the sequal to Dark King.

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The Games Day 2009 chap book I believe, and possibly in a future release, like they did with The Dark King/Lightning Tower.

Shadow Knight is still in my all-time top 3 list of NL fiction, brief as the story may be.

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Shadow Knight was in Hammer & Bolter issue 11. I think it's also in the "Best of Hammer & Bolter" book, if you prefer your stories in dead-tree format.

I like dead trees. They remind me I ride an engine that puts CO2 into the air so more can grow. And they're easier to buy with cash.

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