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Getting back into Space Wolves need advice for new army

Wolf Boy23

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Hey everyone I had a space wolf army last edition which was basically an army of rhinos filled with grey hunters that rushed across the board and I won about 80% of my games but the list got boring to play . I moved to a new college about a year ago and haven’t played since so I have not played one game in 6th but I have been reading the new rules. Now with the new edition I thought it was a good time to start a new space wolf army that is not an army of grey hunters in rhinos rushing across the board. But I have a couple of questions and I would be thankful if you guys could help me out.


I was thinking of an army that is part drop pods and part foot in 6th from what I hear armor isn’t what it used to be and it would be cool to do something different. I enjoy tournaments as much as playing at the local gaming club so I want my army to be competitive. Around me we usually play 2,000 points.


Does drop podding grey hunters without a WG leader work. I was thinking It would be nice to get the 2 special weapons . and run them with 2 plasma guns, mow, ws, power axe



I was planning on drop poding 2 grey hunter units and a WG termie squad with a wolf lord . I was then going to have 2 grey hunter units on the ground on foot with a long fang squad and a rune priest then with whatever points I have left over I was thinking going to get either Thunder wolves, swift claws or sky claws because I figure I will need a unit that can move quick to support the units I drop poded in. Is this a viable tactic in 6th or would it be better to run all pods or all on foot.


Is going on foot or drop poding better for wolves in 6th


Thanks for the input

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They're both viable options. Some folks will steer you clear of the rhino rush because of hull points as a drawback. I haven't really had that problem so I still use a couple.


If you're foot slogging I'd go with ten man squads loaded out like you indicated above and slap a TDA WG with them as a 'tank'....you lose the sweeping advance but you should be able to mow them down or counterattack if they rally, so I don't really find it that huge of a loss. The Jury is out on what to arm them with, but I usually just stick with a poweraxe (because its free and mine are modeled that way) and a combi....but a SS makes them stupid tough :lol:


I don't really have any experience with pods so I can't really help there, but 10 grey hunters loaded out as you indicated are tough as nails in any situation. I'd be pretty confident dropping them in someones face, maybe switch to meltas since you'll probably be coming down close enough to use them.


I've never used TW Cav so I don't have any advice there. I do know they wreck face, I just can't afford the models at the moment. I think the usuall load out is 1 or 2 SS in a group of three and then either a TH or a PF.


I really want to try some skyclaws with a WP but haven't yet (stupid money).


Swift Claws are awesome, relentless and a high toughness. Most folks will advocate for putting some kind of pack leader with them, but I don't. I like the random factor of rampaging bloodclaw bikers, especially with their nice charge range. :P

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