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Cataphractii special weapon question


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My forge world order came today, why did I order 60 shoulder pads.


Anyway I was checking over the spruces or miscasting (old habbites ie hard) and noticed that there are 4 combi weapons





And some wide bore barrel thing (bottom of the picture below)




Any help in identifying the last one?

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its probably in the kit for those that want to use this kit to make their terminator captain with C: Space Marine.


for some reason, when they described what's in the kits, they explained it in the tartaros special weapons kit, but not the cataphractii kit.

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A grenade harness is different to an auxiliary grenade launcher, the grenade harness is on the top of the "back" where as the auxiliary is usually fired from the hand. It looks like the auxiliary grenade launcher from the scout bikes as well.

Actually, the axuiliary grenade launcher comes in a number of forms, including the old school power fist attachment, as a harness, strapped to a weapon (i.e., combi-weapon), etc. It might be speculated that the grenade harness evolved (or was supplanted by) the auxiliary grenade launcher. The bit provides players with some flexibility, both in terms of using models for both standard (i.e., "modern") WH40K as well as during the Horus Heresy, filling options in two different lists.

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