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Cataphractii have arrived!


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Whoop, my FW packages have arrived! 5 mk IV, 5 mk V and 5 cataphractii + accessories. £150 for 15 miniatures :)






Oh, and the error: I've attached the shoulder guards to the arms like you're meant to, but there's only 5 of each side in the pack and I'm magnetizing the arms for swaps. D'oh!! The other 4 will have to have their guards glued straight to the bodies. Hope it doesn't look too rubbish...

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Is it possible to cut the arms in half? Then you can magnatize the lower arms and not worry about the shoulder bits looking wrong.

The "standard" arms come joined at the wrist, so could be magnetized there for weapon swaps. Thing is, the special weapons (Hflamer, autocannon, lightning claws) all come complete with shoulders. I don't know how comfy I am cutting the arms in half, plus swapping weapons means the wrists probably need to change direction...


@tyranicalpuma is it possible to order just shoulder pads? It probably wouldn't be too expensive. I might give their mailorder a call...


Thanks @Olisredan, hopefully I won't ruin them with paint!! And @ Komodo - get some; they are epic models!!

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You could also try magnetizing the shoulder pads. put a magnet at the top of the arm and a piece of flat metal or small magnet on the inside of the pad. Failing that, be cheap and just hold them on with blu-tac. Pads are light so shouldn't come off easily.


You know what, I hadn't thought of that! Thanks TennisBall I might have a look at magnetising. When I finally get round to calling mailorder I'll let you know how much additional pads are (I need about 10 of each). I can't imagine they'll be that expensive (~£10 maybe?) so I'll probably get more... I need more mkIV armours anyway - I'll post my constructed CSM's later if I get chance...

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@skeletoro: OK will do (haven't called yet, got distracted by power armour!)


Ok, so I've mostly put together the mk IV and V marines. I'm planning on running two squads with ×2 plasma guns and a third with (probably) ×2 flamers. I stuck with plasmas for the first squad. No prizes for guessing which Legion they're from. With regards to era I'm proposing these as just post heresy (35k?!), so they've been to terra and the emperor's palace and now scattered to the eye, etc. Most of these guys will be in transition between 'normal' space marines and full-on khorne converts - original paint scheme (white and blue) but with a developing wild side.


Anyway, enough chat - here are some pics. I still have some tidying up to do and maybe a little but more green-stuffing, but this is the general gist. Some of the guns and all backpacks are to be fixed once I've painted them. Any c&c let me know!



Plasma gunner #1





This guy's my favourite so far - not sure where to fix the bolter though as it's a bit big for leg-mounting...



Plasma gunner #2 (gun not fixed yet)









Aspiring champion - I wanted to stay fairly fluffy so have given him a chainaxe...







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Wow, that's really nice work on some of those poses. I think this guy is my favourite, how about slinging his bolter ala the DV chosen with the power fist?



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Hey thanks guys - I just hope my painting doesn't let the side down too much!


@AGPO I might give that a go, thanks for the idea - I guess I just need to make a sling out of green stuff and chuck it on...


@Kronus - the greenstuff is pretty set, although has undergone some refining / sculpting since. Was trying to get ribbing in the joints under arms, etc..

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  • 7 months later...

*cough* *cough* "bleurgh it's dusty in here! Hey, what are these guys over here? Oh man - it's my world eaters..!"

So, it's been a while since I felt the call of the paintbrushes, but having read Betrayer (beyond epic) and just started wading through the HH series (read Horus Rising now onto False Gods) I felt the need to get some painting done. So, 7 months ago(!) I had made a start on my power armour marines and in that time I've managed to paint 4 whole models and start on a terminator. Don't mock me, I'm so lacking commitment.

Here are some pics anyway; cc welcome.

Oh, and the fluffy wavey stuff all over the PA models is dust whistling.gif






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