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vehicle windscreens

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Spray paint the inside!


Use masking tape (or even Sellotape) to cover the exterior side, and use chaos black to spray the interior. Peel the tape off and you'll have tinted the window but kept the shiny gloss appeance. Depending how much you spray effects how tinted it is, I generally go to opaque as I don't have to paint the cockpit then!!


Producing an even finish by brush alone would be near impossible I think...

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sorry Hymirl, i should have thanked you for your input.

im on a tight painting schedule due to an upcoming event and forgot id even posted, untl now, when im ready to start painting.


reading back, i portrayed the question wrong.

my vehicle is mainly made from plasticard, including the windows.

i was looking for a way to paint the plasticard window to make it look like reflective glass or something


edit: i found this with a net search, might try it


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