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House of the Hydra


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The plan is to create a present day 40k Alpha Legion Warband of roughly 60-80 legionnaires, plus their human / cultist contingents and daemon engines (including a Decimator Engine and a Contemptor Dreadnaught).


They would have been one of the few ships mentioned in the IA Article to flee into the Eye of Terror after the heresy, and thus will have no duplicity in who they fight for or against. The plan is to use a real mix up of forgeworld and gw plastic parts (thoroughly taking advantage of the new raptors frames), as well as fantasy dark elves, to give each marine as much spikey bits, as older arms from their crusading days. No mutations, and very few open chaos octids will make it in. I will be doing yellow and black hazard patterns on their weapons as seen in the artwork, as well, I will be trying out orange in places like topknots and certain types of fabric.


I really like the older clean paintstyle, rather than the blue with green highlights. Some of the older books show a nice pure blue / purple look to them, but ultimately I opted for a much more sea green pattern.


The Legionnaire is a WIP, more to test the colour scheme than anything else, and get a sense of what direction to go in.













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looks like an interesting project brother :tu:


not a fan of the raptor legs on non jump pack marines, the leg poses look strange on a non flying marine in my opinion.

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And I disagree they imply jumping. I think they imply 'touching down' gently, as if the model had a jump pack on. The feet are angled a little wrong for them to imply a jump posture.
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Thanks for the kind words.


The legs look funny now, but I will be building up the ground levels to make it look like he is just taking a step, like on base of the contemptor. Looks a little bare now, as I was chomping at the bit to test out a paint scheme that I would be happy with.















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