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Skin with the new paint range


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Just a simple quicky- I'm fairly unfamiliar with the new paint range, and much to my chagrin I never had a very good supply of the fleshtones from the old range. What paints are best for a Caucasian skintone (preferably with a maximum of 3 different paints or less)?


Thanks in advance.


P.S.- I used the Sperm of Searchitude before asking and he found bupkiss, poor blind little fella.

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Depends on your method of painting skin I expect.


I'd use Cadian Fleshtone, highlighted with Ushabti Bone, then washed with Seraphim Sepia to smooth the transition. But that's my personal method :lol:

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The skin in this vid:



is pretty good, can't remember how many colours he uses though... And I only have dial up internet on this cursed rock, so I can't be bothered to wait for it to load...

He has a few vids on YT and I'm sure there'll be more that have bare headed marines in them. All of his tutorials are great, so even if you can't use the skin colours, you'll probably get a few tips and tricks. :lol:

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