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Traitor chapter devoted to Khorne


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With my traitor chapter, the Slaughtermen warband, there's about 500 to 550 battle brothers remaining after the chapter's quick little civil war. Those chaos marines command nearly a thousand cultists at any given time and thousands more within the cults on their homeworld. That said, they still have almost all of their original armory, which admittedly isn't a full inventory since they were founded in the 26th Founding. They possess only a handful of Terminator suits and only 5 dreadnoughts, one of which was venerable but the good news is that their ranks have swollen to full battle companies as select cultist champions are selected to serve as pilots, drivers, and other duties that require skill and training while those battle brothers can once again take up a bolter and fight, as they should. With their time locked in a warpstorm, their descent into chaos has provided them with ways of binding daemons to fabrications of nightmares, namely the reinvention of defilers, forgefiends, and maulerfiends out of the ruined husks of old tanks and downed fighter craft. What makes my traitor force so unique is they still have the ability to create space marines from cultists. The Cult of Genesis is made up of the 4 remaining apothicaries who have sworn themselves to Lornak Bloodgreed, keeping their geneseed safely locked away behind gellar fields and creating some of the most unusual initiate-level chaos marines ever seen. Drawing from particularly promising tribes of cultists, they have the ability to replenish their ranks with fresh geneseed implanted into chaos-touched humans.


Why have I said this? Well, I just want to get some reactions to my idea and some feedback on this warband's resources and practice of empowering cultist children, training them to be replacements for the fallen.

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Doesn't look too bad. Just gotta ask how long since the 26th Founding?


The reason I ask, is I'm either reading this wrongly, or your contradicting yourself. So I'll ask for clarification..is the chapter at 550 or so men? Or is it now at full strength after 'X' amount of time in the warp?


Otherwise, seems alright.

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