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Adeptus Custodes


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Hi guys,


Today I present you the beginning of one of my side projects.


A 2000 points army of the Emperors' finest: The Adeptus Custodes.




It will consist mainly of 20 custodes (purifiers), 5 custodes terminators (paladins), HQs, transports and heavy support.


Here is what I have assembled so far. Shoulder pads are still missing because I haven't decided which ones to use.

Also the barrels need to be drilled, holes have to be filled, a bolter has to be attached to the halberd of the left guy etc.













The project is very expensive considering the low model count. The backpacks alone cost me a fortune.... Try to get your hands on 20 space marine commander back packs...




It will also contain a lot of Forgeworld stuff: 2 pre heresy rhinos, 5 cataphractii terminators, 2 contemptor dreadnoughts and a storm eagle (counts as stormraven).


I'd like to thank this guy because I stole his idea:



And my bits suppliers:


Without those guys projects like this would never happen.



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Man, honestly. I didnt expect that. I thought it was gonna be just another golden space marines "custodes" army. But when I scrolled down I was amazed. Those are the best custodes I have ever seen by far


Keep it up!!

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Very nice work =) A long while ago I had some of my custodes in the US WD issue 300 next to dave taylors army. While his were golden marines, I used different kits at the time to try to make it look more like the artwork. The Custodes fascinated me and since has been my favorite piece of fluff in all of 30k. Back in January I stumbled upon a bloger: Rhys Knight Miniatures and since I have wanted to revist and make some new Custodes.


Either way, it looks great and I am envious of your bits box/ funds to devote to one super project! Though I thought the Custodes dont have power packs like the marines we know. Sure maybe they have smaller ones... under their cape! Might be something to think about, save ya some cash. Keep up nice work, cant wait to see these guys painted =)

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Could we get a PIC next to a standard marine or imerpial guard? Also how do the legs fit? I'm guessing they need pinning in place? Finally are you going to green stuff over the chainmail as it is cloth in the concepts? Great work BTW.
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@Vulpenie: I have no plans for sisters of silence yet. But I would base them on DE wytches.


@Dogfender: Do you have pictures of your Custodes? I would love to see them.

Concerning the power packs. It's nowhere mentioned, but I assumed that the Custodes wear a more resilient armour if they really need to fight instead of patroulling the palace of the Emperor.

And talking about the cost of the whole army. It's comparable to other 2000 points armies, but the model count is lower.


@Irwit: I'm currently working on two more guys. I will provide you some size comparison shots when I'm finished.

Legs fit with greenstuff, glue and patience. Chainmail will probably be greenstuffed.

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Today I built two more guys:













And here's a size comparison:





Concerning the bits:


Head - High elves white lions

Torso - Sanguiniary guard

Legs - High elves phoenix guard

Feet - High elves white lions

Weapon - High elves spearmen (spear) + grey knights (falchion)

Cloak - High elves phoenix guard

Backpack - Grey knights interceptor (backpack) + space marine commander (eagles)

Arms - Generic space marine bits

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Amazing conversions and great work, I'm just having a hard time seeing them as Custodes though, the legs are too thin and the model overall isn't anywhere near as bulky as I would expect although I think that is based on the previous conversion projects and artwork I have seen!


Can't wait to see them painted, the theme is just awesome.

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Hey dude,


The Gold was done as follows.


1. Drybrush GW Tin Bitz

2. Drybrush GW Dwarf Bronze

3. Drybrush GW Burnished Gold

4. GW Sepia Wash

5. Edge highlight with a mix of GW Mithril Silver & Burnished Gold.


Voila ;)

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Thank you very much for sharing your recipe. I will most likely give it a try.



Of course not. ^^

I have the parts for the second group of 10 Custodes lying around, and the Termies + dreadnoughts from FW are already on their way.

The only hindrance is real life, since I'm working on my master thesis and upcoming exams let me no time to do any hobby related stuff.


But the next update will come soon.

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