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Using Sisters as Chaos Marines

Crimson Templar

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With the release of the current chaos codex I have really begun to think about starting a chaos force. I have been a long time UM player, and love the Word Bearers fluff. With actual rules for a Dark Apostle I am even more interested. So Using the DV box a base (the chosen champ will be my Dark Apostle) what do you all think of using SOB models as Chaos space marine squads?


My thought process was the Dark Apostle was able to "convert" the sisters to the worship of the "true gods". I have two SOB squads that I canarm with a melta gun and Heavy bolter. I was goint to run my seraphim as raptors with two flamers. My retributer squad seems like it would make a good Noise marine squad since I have two MM and Heavy flamers which Chaos SM do not have, but I could call Sonic Blasters. As of right now I have no Armor for this army so itwould be a strictly foot force unless I use a few blue rhinosand predators.


The idea really came to me after listening to a Halestorm song. One squad will be the Daughters of Darkness and the other will be the Sisters Insane. If I hed repentia they would be the insane!!

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