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OK well the Reaper paint blue steel I used for my Executioners was discontinued, so I tried a new mix. The original type is on the left, and the new on the right. Plus I got cast bases for them.



My photography still sucks. (edit for better picture)

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Yay update time! I still have some detailing to do, like all the spotlights and give the captain a 40mm base. I used Vallejo "brown iron oxide" powder to weather the greaves and such. I still can't take pictures for poop.


Veterans get the bronze packs, while RAF get gunmetal. I made raised badges on the pauldrons for the chapter icon decals I made.












**edit forgot the champion and changed to better pics of the chappy and libby

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Some more WIPs






Again I am saddened by my inability to make the pictures look as good as they are IRL.

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Almost done with an objective marker; Fafnir Rann, founder of the Executioners. Since they are based on the Conan novels, I thought I'd do a little homage to the original Ahnold movie where he got the Atlantean sword.





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Your painting is pretty good (even if that banner isn't a true freehand* :lol: ), I'll definitely be watching :woot:


*It's still pretty awesome though, you should make more. By more I mean tons. I could seriously go on about it and you will undoubtedly hear lots of praise from people who skipped over the 'not a freehand' part, so please, listen to our misguidedness and do lots of banner transfers :devil:

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how do you make a decal like that?? i must know! awesome work.


First I find the artwork I like. I put it into a MS Word document and size it exactly for the size of the banner. Get some clear decal paper for laser printer and take the file to Kinko's and make them print it out (that way if it jams up the copier its not my fault). Then I use Micro Sol to make the decal conform to the banner; this part takes a few uses. I use a cotton swab to smooth the decal into all the folds and whatnot.

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Update time!

Yes, that is a Carcharodon helmet on the base of the one. I figure these guys are Badab War vets, and the chapters they fought a lot were the sharks and the Minotaurs.






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Reinforcements! Poor Howling Griffon....


Originally I was going to have them be during their penance crusade, but then I decided to have these bad boys be right in the middle of the Badab War.






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Great progress brother, I'm really liking these alot!


In particular the MLRS look on the Whirlwind is great use of the old metal mini!


Also coming back to Axe vs Sword thing, you are of course quite right, cultures will use all sorts to behead, so arguement from me there just for some reason I always felt the Executionors would favour the axe, what with having "Exicutionor" style axe heads as their chapter symbol :D


None the less, still look great with the swords brother!

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I know this is a few days old now but im interested in the stuff your doing.


Im slowly working on a Executioners strike force, using the IA - Badab War as reference for the colour scheme. Metallic/Silver, Yellow Shoulder insert. Various details on Sergeants/commanders in gold mix.


Method - Chaos Black Spray undercoat, Drybrush Boltgun Metal, 1 wash Asurmen Blue & 1 wash Badab Black. Lysander yellow on shoulder insert. Mechrite/Blood Red mix for parts of Bolters etc. Chainmail/Mithril silver mix for shoulder trim. Im trying out a few different methods for Gold details.


Im sure these methods are fairly standard but they are quite easy for me having just got back into the hobby. Im working on an AOBR squad that I aquired on the cheap-cheap.

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Inspired use of a Tic Tac box!


Did the old WW launchers need much filing to fit?


Also think that a chain axe assault squad would be mega!

Actually the WW launchers were a perfect fit. I didn't have to do anything but trim one of the nubbies off the back end to line the two halves up.

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