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Chaos vs eldar/Dark eldar

Brother Haakon

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DE+Eldar is apparently the way many eldar of both stripes are going, due to the benefits each provide to the other.


That being said, it seems both sides were playing more casually and on a terrain light board.


If you haven't run into the harliestar yet, Kierdale, be glad. Those who are unprepared are often forced to assume the position quite brutally.

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Eldar and Dark Eldar are Battle Brothers. This means ICs from each faction can join the other's units.


Harlequins are quite a brutal distraction on their own with their insane cover save shenanigans. Add in Fortune for even more brutal lolz.


The kicker here is that Dark Archons with a Shadowfield can join this unit and benefit from Fortune. This basically turns the Harlequins into a unit with a guy waving his re-rolling 2++ around like it's casual friday. Try hitting that up in a challenge... yikes.

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