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Dumb question...what kind of knife/scissors/chainsaw to use

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Evening ladies and grunts,


I have for my entire modelling career used a pair of regular scissors to cut apart, trim, shave and otherwise mangle my miniatures. It has only just dawned on me that I might be saving myself a considerable amount of time and effort fixing mangled legs and arms with GS by using a different tool to cut with. I'm into truescaling a lot, as those who've seen my Sons of Tyr will know, and I generally use a pair of scissors to cut apart the legs before lengthening them with GS. This rarely gives an even cut and often mangles detail which then needs to be fixed with GS or shaved away entirely.


I'd like to be able to make as clean and unmessy a cut as possible in order to insert plasticard spacers into the gaps, so am wondering what people use to make the cuts on their miniatures. For the record I'm only really using plastic and resin, I don't tend to use a lot of metal, save for the odd arm or helmet.


I'm aware that this is a basic question but would appreciate any help very much :huh: Did a search but couldn't seem to find anything.


Kind regards,



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I'm not entirely clear on what purpose you need to cut things for, but for cutting parts off a sprue, I'd recommend small side cutters/clippers of the kind also used for electronics work, or sold especially for modellers of course. If you need to cut parts into several pieces, use a modeller's razor saw.
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