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The XIIth Primarch...

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About a year ago I bought a little something to make me a Daemon version of Angron, and I have been bulding up some courage to start this project ever since. Then the lovely Forge World guys release an official Angron model, and when I got it home it motivated me to start them both so here goes ^_^


Hopefully you'll all enjoy this as much as I do :P


First off, Angron:



Then well... Angron!:






And then them both, side by side:



The big Angron is still a WIP and the new pauldron is done with easy mold and some resin to make the base for a similar-to-the-other-pauldron base from which I can model his legion insignia onto.


He will have some more cables at some point and also a lot of chains with skulls hanging from them. I will also make his daemon sword for his right hand ;)

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As ever your modelling is awesome TDA, envious of both models... even if they are filthy heretics. Can't wait to see your daemon Angron ready, and both of the beasts painted and fully completed! the metal wiring on Daemon's head is brilliant and makes it all to obvious that we're dealing with angry Angron.
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Hehehe let's just say that Khorne has a pretty neat gym ;)


Thanks guys, I am currently painting a greater daemon of Tzeentch commission so I really feel the need to get this big guy finished so I can paint him as well :D


Might as well show the above mentioned model here as well since I can't seem to find any other way to get it crammed in here on B&C :)







Angron is my own model so he'll stay here as I am a bit sad to have to part with this model (it's awesome!) but then I just have to do an even better job on Angron :P

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We put the Astros next to people's names when they've been disqualified for steroids. I don't think we even need to test for it, he's clearly been taking heavy doses of jak3D


That's a really good looking deamon. Really good job with the legs, it looks like a real bird. The wings look like they should have another color in there though. Really good looking model. So life like.

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Thanks man :) Yeah Angron suffers from his butchers nails which apparently contains daemon steroids these days XD


And the birdie wings actually have a green hue to them at the end og the feathers but it's impossible to photograph :/ I'll try and catch it when his final headshots will be made :D

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Thanks guys :blush:


A bit of progress on little Angron's display base :tu:




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The base is excellent. Really, really well done. God I hope I can use weathering powders at least a fraction as well as you do when I get around to it. Now bring on little Angron! :)

Thanks man, and don't worry weathering powders are not that hard to use at all :) Litle Angron will hopefully be finished today or at least over the weekend :)


A large plate of Holy Cow with a side order of OhmyGod sauce!


Just a wonderfully inspired piece which I can't wait to see painted, just promise to do Fulgrim next!

Thanks a lot :) And sadly I can't make any such promises... It depends on which character they release frst from FW ;) I'm personally hoping Abbadon VS Loken :)

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