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Throne of Skulls Novemeber

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Iron is forever.

From Iron cometh Strength.

From Strength cometh Will.

From Will cometh Faith

From Faith cometh Honour

From Honour cometh Iron

This is the Unbreakable Litany.

May it forever be so

Dominum imperator ac ferrum aeturnum


Hi everone


Last weekend me & a few friends for my local Games Workshop store/Gaming club (Stirling wargamer) attended the Throne of Skulls event in Warhammer World. I was hopeing on getting this report done sooner but real life & also photobucket being the bane of my life with there new update had slown this down.


First up I do not do a turn by turn base on the games. End of the day I tend to get to focuse in my games & also the travel is killer (five to six hour), it take a lot out of you as I think me & my friends had around 6 hour worth of travelling to get down to Nottingham. Then during the weekend the nights out in the Nottingham town on the Sunday so we could get food & go into a few pubs (I don’t drink). So trying to rememeber things are difficult for me. I tend to write a little bit about the game & general show photos of those great games :D

It’ll also be why I tend to not included my oppents army list unless I have a copy, again just trying to rememeber everthing & the names of those units


As soon as me & my friends arrive in Nottingham. They drop me off that Warhammer World while they went to get some food & book into the hotel. For me I was going into Warhammer World first to give my friend Paul Scott & his Nurgle Chaos Marine army a practise game as we not fought since last year



My army list


Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company – The Titan Slayers



Iron Captain: Narach Delau – 117

-Chaos Lord, Terminator Armour, Power Axe, Combi Plasma, Fearless, Champion of Chaos, Veteran of the Long War




Terminator squad 8: Proeliator - 121

-Champion Sevatar Rauth, Power Axe, Combi Plasma, Champion of Chaos

-2 Chaos Terminators, Power Axe, 2x Combi Plasma

Veteran of the Long Wars



Chaos Space Marine squad 1: Iupatus Proeliator - 281

-Champion Bronn Tal, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Power Fist, Champion of Chaos

-6 Chaos Space Marines, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, 6 extra Close Combat Weapons

- 1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, extra Close Combat Weapon, Melta

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Autocannon

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, extra Close Combat Weapon, Icon of Vengeance

Veterans of the Long War


Rhino Messor Ferrus

-Rhino, Searchlight, Smoke Launcher, Combi Bolter, Extra Armour


Chaos Space Marine squad 2: Be Graphicus - 261

-Champion Uzas Vel, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Power Axe, Champion of Chaos

-6 Chaos Space Marines, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, 6 extra Close Combat Weapons

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, extra Close Combat Weapon 2, Melta

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, extra Close Combat Weapon, Icon of Vengeance

Veterans of the Long War


Rhino Fulmen Clavi

-Rhino, Searchlight, Smoke Launcher, Combi Bolter, Extra Armour


Chaos Space Marine squad 3: Apocalypse - 257

-Champion Kroege Santarr, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Power Axe, Champion of Chaos

-6 Chaos Space Marines, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, 6 extra Close Combat Weapons

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, extra Close Combat Weapon, Melta

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Autocannon

-1 Chaos Space Marine, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, extra Close Combat Weapon, Icon of Vengeance

Veterans of the Long War


Rhino Demens Malleus

-Rhino, Searchlight, Smoke Launcher, Combi Bolter, Extra Armour


Fast Attack:


Heldrake: Arbor Draco Extremae

Heldrake with Baleflame - 170


Heavy Support:


Obliterator squad 5: Excessus Fillius - 146

-2 Obliterators, Power Fist, Daemon, Deep Strike, Slow & Purposeful, Obliterators Weapons

Veterans of the Long War


Obliterator squad 4: Oburo – 73

-1 Obliterators, Power Fist, Daemon, Deep Strike, Slow & Purposeful, Obliterators Weapons

Veterans of the Long War


Obliterator squad 6: Hydra Infensus – 73

-1 Obliterators, Power Fist, Daemon, Deep Strike, Slow & Purposeful, Obliterators Weapons

Veterans of the Long War


Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company background - The Prometheus Crusade

Iron is forever.

From Iron cometh Strength.

From Strength cometh Will.

From Will cometh Faith

From Faith cometh Honour

From Honour cometh Iron

This is the Unbreakable Litany.

May it forever be so

Dominum imperator ac ferrum aeturnum


Prometheus was a world that was liberated by the Iron Warriors during the great crusade. The Imperial turned it into a Forge World to help supply the Imperial armies during the great crusade. Since then a millennium has passed and that time of the great crusade has become myth & legend. Now a Black Templar Crusade Force is stationed there, re-supplying for a crusade they planned to launch to the east of the Imperial border against a Xenos threat.


Now a millennium after the Horus Heresy, when Battle Brother fought Battle Brother. the Iron Warriors have returned to take back Prometheus. Their aim is to turn the Forge World in to a place to create Daemonic Engines & weapons to help their Legion battle against the Imperial & anyone else who would stand in their way.


After gaining a foot hold on the planet Warsmith Abhorred Riddick, the overall commander of the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company, has ordered his protégé, Iron Captain Narach Delau, to go out & lead his company to attack the Ancient Forge Keep of the Mechanicus on Prometheus. The Forge Keep had been made by the Iron Warriors during the great crusade & it holds a relic of their Legions

The Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company has been around since the Great Crusade, when gods walked among men & humanity was being reunited after the darkness of “old night”. The Iron Warriors along with the other Space Marine legions were hailed as heroes, until the Emperor betrayed them. The Iron Warriors along with seven other Space Marine legions took sides with Horus Lupercal & pledged their loyalty to the Chaos. This led to the Horus Heresy, where brother would fight brother.

Since then, the Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company have fought in many wars & campaigns against the Imperial, other chaos legions & Xenos races. They fought along with their Primarch Perturabo during the Iron Cage. Throughout the 10th Black Crusade along with other Iron Warrior Grand Companies, the 5th Grand Company helped attack the Iron Hands Chapter on Medusa, the Iron Hands own home world. During the 13th Black Crusade the 5th Grand Company fought on the very ground of Cadian. There they honoured the chaos gods by building a great fortification on Kasr Sonnen.



The optical zoom whirled on the auto-scope as Lord Narach looked into the gaping wound his siege engines had opened up in the Adeptus Mechanicus Forges’ flank. The same engines lay silent for some 40 metres to either side of him all but exhausted of ammunition. The trench made defences they nestled in and the reinforced command bunkers were impressive even to his well trained eye, but of course they would have been, having been constructed under his orders and supervision. Up the slope almost a mile distant the Forge Fortress billowed smoke from its breached side.


From the rock-crete composition and architecture the Fortress, Narach had been tasked with grinding the defenders to dust in the name of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick.


Half broken orders and weapons fire crackled through the comm’s when it managed anything more than white noise and static. The smoke screen of swirling white mist twisted and danced with the black smoke generated by the burning vehicles inside the breach. It obscured any attempt to discern anything of the assault; Narach cursed the human guard, Imperial Guards who fallen under the darkness of Chaos & now serve as fodder to the Iron Warriors. Had assured Narach, the winds would have picked up by now to clear the sight of the fighting.



The fighting had been going on for almost 8 minutes now, too long without a clear signal. He hated not knowing. Narach scanned the smoke obscured breach again; the smoke was clearing now, if too slowly for his liking. A burning Rhino sprawled out of the smoke, its front hull section almost blown in two, a massive exit wound but relatively little entry damage, classic Lascannon round from the Black Templars. Coming apart in chunks of twisted metal as is smashed down the rocky slope.

Through the mist of battle, Narach could see armoured shapes of his brother Iron Warriors moved like spectres in the swirling clouds of smoke as they pushed forward toward the Forge Keep.


The scene reminded Narach of a moment during the siege. He’d pushed into the promenade of the first line of the defending walls, his battle brothers around him as they drove back the Imperial Fists from their defences guarding the gates inside the Imperial Palace. He emptied his combi-bolter into a wounded Imperial as he tried to limp through the gates. The armour around his leg cracked and he fell to the floor. Narach had charge, in a second plunging his serrated combat knife repeatedly into his neck. The sprays of warm blood had been glorious, the pathetic shriek of the Imperial Fist more so.

Narach snapped back to the present, he pushed the memory of the Siege of the Emperor’s Palace back. Too few of his glorious brethren were emerging from the assault. He’d issued the order,


“Bring forth Ferrum Draco the Vindacator siege tank & the Obliterators Cult”.


‘Acknowledged my Lord’. Narach gazed up at the defiant form of the Forge, his lips twisting into a snarl.


“Bring about my transport and assemble my guard, we launch our final assault on Prometheus!”



Practise game - Perturabo's Plague

Mission – d3+2, dawn of war set up


After getting some food in bugman bar & place a Forge World order. It was time to get the practise game in against Paul. This was the first time I ever fought the Tally Nurgle list, but I heard a lot about it.


Turn 1 saw night fight in effect which help myself, allow my Rhinos to cover as much ground as possible, while my Obliterator units would take pot shots that Paul Obliterators. But sadily it seem the Chaos gods where against me as I failed to make a single hit with the three unit of Obliterators....

While Paul force also advance forward, while the Daemon Specil ch that grant him tally protected the gun on the defence line with a unit of Nurgle Daemons.


Rest of the game saw Paul pick off the Rhinos with the Obliterators & defence line, while the Death Guard units would go into a mid-range fire fight. While my Heldrake arrive on turn 3? Mange to take out a unit of Death Guards just before it was gun down by the defence walls. This would be the first time ever anyone had destroy the Heldrake, just in the games I fought the most damnge that would be done was maybe one hull point but I had never lost the Heldrake in game.




Paul Obliterators & the Daemon who grant tally specil rule to his force






My Iron Warriors turn one after lossing one of my Rhinos to Pauls Defence Gun




My Iron Warriors make a spearhead assault into the Death Guard line




Lord Narach & his Terminators boydguard deep strike down into the hart of the Death Guards force.




My Heldrake arrive on turn 4, flame a unit of Death Guards before being shot our of the sky from Paul defence line weapon




With Paul tally now over 20, it ment his Death Guards had feel no pain on a 3+ & all weapons ment I got no armour saves. My Iron Warriors make use of as much cover as possible before I could launch any assault :)




Paul Obliterators gun down some of my Iron Warriors with Assault cannons. I really like Paul army list & how the Chaos Sorcerer was use & the power Paul had pick for the Throne of Skulls weekend. I've already converted my own Sorcerer & get some play testing in as the new codex chaos has open up so much chose when it come to the army list :)




My Iron Warriors making a death or glory assault into Paul Obliterators units.




After a brilliant game against Paul I got a second practise game. I would be given my friend David a practise games. Sadily I did not have time to get any photos of the game, this was due to only having a short amount of time, some how I was a little unwell on Friday night/earily Saturday moring, the game was to help himself with the 6th ed rules & how flyer work for the weekend. David change his list last moment to included one of the Necron flyers after seeing them that our gaming club tournament – Stirling Wargamer Rapid Fire, also it was suggested by a lot of people to take the flyer or somthing that would be able to counter Flyer with easy.

It was a great game but just a shame we had to call it due to time & not help with me being a bit unwell on the Friday night.


Next up will be Day 1, game 1 :)

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Game 1 – In Waves...!!!

Mission – Dawn of War (one object each), Emperor Will

Army – Nids


Start of day one, it always great to have a brilliant oppent & a great game to start the weekend of any event. It been a while since I fought Nids in general, I think it was Throne of Skulls April last year, the last time I fought Nids. But ever time I have battle them I do always enjoy the games.


The game was against John Rees who was down with a group of his friends for the event. One of which I would be battle later on in the day.


We’d set up our objects & our armies right across from each other which was great, it would also mean no one would be hiding & everthing would be committed to ether going all our or protect our own object to the very last.


Turn one would see both of our armies cover as much ground as possible. I would use my Rhinos as a shield wall for my Obliterators who would be aim there heavy weapons into the Nids units that can spawn more Gaunts. While the Nids would be aim there own weapons on open up my Tanks.


Later on the Doom would arrive by pod in the mist of my battle line, the Chaos gods favour my Iron Warriors as none of my units failed there Ld’s. Veterans of the Long War upgread is well worth it, while I do have a Icon that make my Rhino unit fearless, if he gone then I am that Ld8. Veterans of the Long war upgreard help my Chaos Marines units near by & a Obliterators.

In return I’d sent one of my single Obliterators to take on the Doom both with shooting & then close combat.


While my Heldrake mange to cause a lot of havoc before that was gun down by a hiveguard? Weapon. The second time my Heldrake has been destroyed. But it done a lot of great work vector strike one of the bigger models that spawn Gaunts, as well as wipe out a gaunt unit & cause another unit to be down to 5 models.


In the end the Tyranids hoard overwhelm my Iron Warriors force, only leaving five models in the end. I really enjoyed the game & as said it was great to get a game against Tyranids, it been agies. After the game against John, I would really like to get more games against Nids in the near future. I know a few of the gamers around my local GW store & Gaming club have talk about starting a force.

With the end of round 1, it was time to set up our armies for the event team to check out, along with enter models in the Legends Painting comp & also to get launch.




My Iron Warriors fourm up our mobile wall with my Rhinos






John Nids force was really nicely painted & I really like the doom conversion he had reminding me of the Alien movies




John Nids advance toward my Iron Warriors






My Rhinos taken a bit of a hitting from the Hive Guards? with the S8 weapons & dose not need true line of sight.




The Chaos gods favour my Iron Warriors unit as the bigger beast failed it assault roll, allow me to take this down with both my Heldrake vector strike & Obliterators... but later on a second one would later make it into assault by turn 4?




Two combat turn later is taken it toll on both John Gaunt unit & my Iron Warriors




The Doom arrive. As said Veterans of the Long war is well worth taken on Chaos Space Marines. While you may not fight Space Marines all of the time, the +1Ld help in case like this or maybe it because my dice seem to hate being rolled :D But the +1Ld help a lot with my two Obliterators units & my Chaos Marines units near by the Doom. Also for the pts we are paying it is really good




Lord Narach & the Terminators bodyguards going hunting for John Hive Nid with his own bodyguards




The second beast assault into the Obliterator & my Chaos units while we are still held up in combat against the Gaunts




My Terminator unit take there toll from the fire power from both the Hive Nid & the shooting Hive-guard units. My friends have always had a saying that if you fired a Lascannon into a model of mine I'd make my cover or Inv save, but fire as much as possible like rapid fire 30 Lasguns, I will fail a lot of my save.


Lord Narach is set to take on the Hive Nid in close combat in the name of the Blood god...!!!!




A second pod arrive with 20 Gaunts fire into my Iron Warriors units not already in close combat










The gaunts making there way toward my object & leave me with just a mere five Chaos Space Marines that the end of the game.


As said it was great game & really enjoy battle Nids for the first time in a long while. It was a great way to start the weekend & overall help along with the rest of the games to make Throne of Skulls Novemeber a great event for me.

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Game 2 – This is where we hold them! This is where we fight them! This is where they DIE!!!

Mission – Hammer & Anvil, Scorge? Where fast attack is scoring & the six object

Army – Orks


"Iron Warriors! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Hell!"


After launch & getting our armies ready for Round 2. I found out I would be against James & his ork army. Like wise I also fought one of James team mate that Throne of Skulls October last year with there Necrons against my Space Wolves & I’d lost my voice due to a virus I had.

Like the Nids game it has been a while since I fought ork but more in the Throne of Skulls setting. For this round I would be face 169 Orks!! A good odd for any Iron Warriors, make this around 4 orks for ever one of my Iron Warriors or maybe over this.


After the Orks got the first turn, the Loota units mange to destroy two out of the Three Rhinos in my army. One of my Iron Warriors units would aim to go back & claim a object, while the other unit would walk forward & use the last standing Rhino as a shield while I push forward to use the cover & to be close by the other object.

Also during this game I found out how great the Defence line are. My Heldrake came on during turn 2 & got destroyed out of the sky. I belive this is the second time my Heldrake has ever been destroyed in over ten games now.

While else where my Terminators deep strike down on my right flank.


A great moment during the game was, after my Terminators where shot down by the Lootas & the Ork boyz. I just had my Chaos Lord – Narach who was on a single wound. James unit of 20? Ork Boyz assault in & made 43 hits, 12 wounds. I pray to the Chaos gods & it seem they where listing as my Lord made all his armour saves. Then the following turn a further nine wounds where cause, sadily my Lord was slaughter as he failed a single wound. So in total of two round of combat he had made 20 saves out of the 21 he had to roll for while on a single wound.


But it seem this luck did not go so well on other units. Else where I had assault a Obliterator into a unit with 6 orks? When they made there attack I had three armour saves to make......... three 1’s!!!! Then the Orks went on to claim a one of the six object. While the rest of the boyz slaughter the last few standing models in my army, the Deff Kopas attacking from the flank, picking off those last few surving members of my units & the Shoock attack gun (sp?) mange to wipe out the unit of Iron Warriors I had sent to go back & claim one of the object that the start of the game with *name* rolling a double 6. James had comment that the game before that the dice where against him when rolling for the Shock attack gun wipe out the Mek & his units of Lootas & was happy with the change of luck.


It was a really great game like the Nids battle. I alway enjoy battle against Orks. The ork armies I fought in my local GW & Gaming club are all mech armies, so it was good to get a game against a Hoard force & just to learn from the game as I not fought the Ork in the hoard version since 5th ed/last year.




So many orks....!!! :D On the Friday night my friend comment there was a 200 strong Ork force he'd seen gaming. When I ask James he said he had 169 Orks. Roughly 4 to one for my Iron Warriors, a good odds for any Iron Warrior (yes there going to be some 300 quote)




My Iron Warriors set up










My Iron Warriors are pinned down from the Lootas fire power, useing our Rhinos to shield us, bidding our time to launch our assault




Terminator deep strike down






James had slaught my terminators only leave my Lord in the unit with a single wound. He then assaulted in with 43 hits, 12 of these had wounded......... I prayed to the Chaos Gods & it seem they where listing




All 12 armour save where made!!!!!


Then this happen again




But the Chaos Gods are fickle. Out of 21 one save to make for Lord Narach, he failed only one




But Lord Narach did hold up the Ork unit long enough for a unit of Chaos Marines & a Obliterators to assault in













My Obliterators assault in. Sadily the Chaos Gods are not with him as he roll triple 1's for his armour save against the Orks


With that my army was slaughter. Again another great game & while I have fought Orks that my gaming club & GW store, it been a while since I fought them that a event. Lot of epic moment during the game.


It a bit late now, so I will get round 3 to 5 posted tomorrow night.



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Time to get the rest of Throne of Skulls Novemeber report done ;) Just since the ToS event, it been really busy here with a lot of stuff going on in my personial life.


Game 3 – These are not the drones you are looking for

Mission – Kill points, Vanguard set up

Army – Tau with Necron allies


After round 2, we had a quick break. After words I found out I would be against James with his Tau army & Necron allies. Once more like the last two games there. It has been a while since I fought Tau. Last time was Throne of Skulls October last year with my Space Wolves.

But with the new 6th ed rules, James would be adding Necrons allies which was cool & I not really fought that many armies that included allies.


James had won the dice roll for the first turn & would advance with his Necron Wriths with the cover of darkness – Night Fight was in effect for turn one. While the Tau element of his army would give supporting fire. Taken one of my Rhinos out.

While during my first turn I’d move my other Two Rhinos toward cover on my right & left flank, while my Obliterators give supporting fire. I think out of the whole game James mange to pass ever cover save for his Rail Gun battle suit when ever I fired into them.


Like wise I ended up getting the infamous unit award for Obliterator squad 4: Oburo as on turn 4 & 5 he made a lot of cover save while he was on a single wound. I belive he surive the attack from the writh, but before other units where in combat & got slaughter. The Obliterators failed his Ld test, then follow turn re-group. Then took two turns of shooting from the tau/Necron force make cover saves from 5x Rail Guns, 2x unit of Fire Warriors & then the Necron flyer. I think he only failed one armour save in the end, but he took the best part of the army shooting for two turns & most these where cover saves. I think I may have miss out parts of this, as said just trying to rememeber a few things can be difficult from a great weekend from the Throne of Skulls event & then the five to six hour worth of travel back home.

In the end my army was wipe out. But this was another great game & a good way to finish day 1.


After three brilliant games for the first day of the Throne of Skulls event. It was time to get dinner & then me & my friends would take part in the Bugman Bar quiz which was for a laught & just question of the Warhammer 40,000 world. Really enjoy this & a lot better than the old bar quiz that where done in the old GT (mainly base on Football (soccer to USA) & general stuff I never care about to be honesty). But the bar quiz was good laught & lot of good banter between teams & just met up with people I knew from past events & general talking about the hobby or how our games had been for day one.



Sorry for the blurry photos, I seen to have press a button while take the photos & did not know until after the game.


James set up




My own set up








Necron writh with the Lord assault into my Chaos Marines units on turn 2




Another Chaos Marines unit making a stand against the Writh unit :D








My Melta arm Iron Warrior from Chaos Space Marine squad 3: Apocalypse has the Chaos Gods answer his prayer as he mange to destroy one of the Necron flyer :D






Chaos Space Marine squad 3: Apocalypse move forward to take on the Writh & the Necron Lord






Then my Obliterator who pick up the Infamous unit award from Throne of Skulls Novemeber :D




James ended up winning the Best Tau player award & rightly so, he a great oppent & as said there this was a great game. With three great games for Day 1, it now time to look to day 2 of the Throne of Skulls Nov event :D

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Game 4 - You win or you die!!

Mission – Big Guns never tire, Hammer & anvil set up

Army – Space Wolves


After getting some great breakfast from the hotel we where all stay that. It was time to go into Warhammer World for the finial day for the Throne of Skulls November weekend.



To parts to note

- The whole hall held a two minutes silence for Remembrance Day. From in the hall for the Throne of Skulls event, Bugman bar & the store it self. It was really respectful &just overall how everone would stop there game as soon as it was announce.

-The game has to be in the top 3 for close games I have ever had over the past sixteen years of collecting the Games Workshop hobby. I have to say 5th ed & the current ed of the game has been better. Just 3rd/4th ed while I did enjoy it, a lot of the games I fought saw a lot of people hiding because way Vpts where done & it boring. I like games where pretty much everone goes all out & this was the case for this game.


After arrive to Warhammer World & getting to our tables. For the first game of the second day I would be against Sid & his Space Wolves army, like the last three games this would be another brilliant game. I collected Space Wolves myself & it would be nice to game against the Son’s of Russ. In fact I will need to go back to my Space Wolves just to add a few things & try out some army list in 6th ed.

It was funny with Champion Bronn Tal when he got issiue a challenge from Sid Wolf Priest. I made my saves (keep forgetting that the Chaplain main weapon is Ap4 now due to being class as a maul). In return Bronn Tal would hit thanks to the Veteran’s of the Long War specil rule & wound the Wolf Priest, resulting in him being killed. When I rolled on my boon table, Brother Bronn Tal would be transform into a all might Daemon Prince. In the following combat phase (still lock with the unit the Wolf Priest was in). He’d issue a challenge to the Wolf Lord himself & mange to make the Inv save against the Power Fist. But as always the Chaos Gods can be fickle & the third round of combat, my Daemon Prince was killed by the Wolf Lord.


But later on Champion Sevatar Rauth from my terminators would go on to challenge the Wolf Lord. While he was killed, he did take down the Wolf Lord in close combat. While Lord Narach delt with the Fenris Wolves.


The game was really close. I belive that the end all I had was a Obliterator on one wound, Lord Narach on two wounds & a heldrake. While Sid had 3 Fenries Wolves & 3 Drop Pods left.


During the game I was also told that my Iron Warriors where up for Army nominee. Then after that it was time to go for launch before the finial game for Sunday.


Photo was taken by the Warhammer World event team



Sid set up




My own set up




Turn 1 see the Space Wolves deep strikeing into the hart of my deployment, making a spear-tip assault




My Iron Warriors useing our Rhinos as shield against Sid Long Fang units while deal with the Drop Pod assault :D






My Heldrake finial arrive on a turn 2. Just when I use the Heldrake in past games, they are great models & unit..... I would say brillaint but mine has always came on turn 4 in most of the games I use it in since Rapid Fire tournament back in October.... :D ;)




The heldrake deal with a unit of Grey Hunter that had deep strike & went into the bunker




After deal with the Drop Pod assault, my Iron Warriors defend there line getting ready for the assault from the Wolf Lord & his Fenries Wolves unit




When the assault happen, Champion Bronn Tal issiue a challenge which is taken up by the Wolf priest




Champion Bronn Tal now become a Daemon Prince...............




But the power of Chaos can be fickle & it dose not last long as the Wolf Lord slay him the following turn, getting revenge for the fallen Wolf Priest




My Heldrake after going off the table on turn 3, arrive again on turn 4 helping my Chaos lord & his Terminators bodyguards deal with the unit of Long fangs with the mission being Big Guns never tier




This was the last of the Drop Pod Grey Hunter, I belive this Close Combat had went on since turn 2 until the end of the game until there was only just my Champion left, who later got shot by a Krak Missile Launcher from one of the Long Fang unit while he went forward to claim a object




My Obliterator while on a single wound make his way toward the object that my Champion got kill going toward




My Chaos Lord deal with the Fenries wolves. After that they had failed there Ld & ran toward the table only to re-groub. Later my Lord had delt with the last of the Long Fang units & gain me Line Breaker. It was really on the edge game just in term how close everthing went until these finial turns. Just how it went back & forward.




Once again another great game to start the second day of the Throne of Skulls event. After the game I would be setting up my Iron Warriors for the Best army nominee along with eight other gamers who where pick. I was really happy as Army Nominee is more my aim when going to event. I enjoy gaming & for me it more about battle new oppent & general having a laught, it more the building/painting side I aim for as I enjoy getting cool armies made & seeing other cool armies.

But as said I also go to event to battle new oppent & have brillaint games like I had during the ToS Nov weekend.


Edit - Game 5 will be up tomorrow.

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  • 2 months later...

Game 5 – Fear to Tread
Mission – Relic, dawn of war set up
Army – Blood Angels

First of all, sorry for the dely on the report & sorry to my oppent Tom for not getting this done sooner. As said in a few post, real life got the best of me after Throne of Skulls Novemeber up until now. But now I have time & time to get the report done.

After launch & a short break. It was time to go & find out our oppents for the finial round 5. I would be battle Tom, who I found out had
his Blood Angels up for Nominee as well which was really cool.

After collecting our armies from the display cabints, it was time to get ready for round 5 which would be the relic mission.

Tom got first turn & advance his force forward, with his predator tanks given supporting fire. While my own turn 1 saw the chaos gods not favour me as I mange to immobile one of the my Rhinos in terrain, while Tom immobile another Rhino during his first turn.

I think I got first blood, as one of my Obliterators unit shot his weapon toward one of Tom Razorback.

While later on in the game. The son’s of Sanguinary swore vengeance toward the IV Legion, seen the middile of the table
turning into a blood bath between Tom Assault Marines & my Chaos Space Marines.

Tom Dreadnought shaken off my Terminators led by Lord Narach combia plasma shots. I think I only cause two glance
hits when my Terminators where shooting, only to face the Dreadnought wraith as he assaulted into the unit slaughter all before him, getting Tom the Warlord Vpt. Later on during the game, the Dreadnought went into a rampage though another unit of Chaos Marines, before being stop by one of my Obliterators units.

Help was that hand for the Iron Warriors as my Heldrake shown up on turn 2, as it came on to take on Tom bigger Assault Marine squad. The unit was led by there Librarian & had a Apothercary in the unit who save a few of his battle brother from the Heldrake baleflame.

In the last few turns, Tom Librarian & his Assault marine unit held the relic, withdraw toward their own line, with my Chaos Marine unit in pursuit. While my Heldrake use the baleflame taken the unit down to just the Librarian & one of the Assault
marines. Also during this turn, one of my Obliterators had fire it Lascannon against Tom last Scout arm with Missile Launcher.

Just with it being turn 5, my Heldrake was on hover mod & the launcher was face the back armour, just in the event it went onto another turn & just how helpful the heldrake was/had been.

But the game ended on turn 5 & Tom held the relic.

Like all four round before, the game against Tom was great & a good way to finish the Throne of Skulls weekend. I really like 6th ed, games have got a lot more bloody & no one really hide.




Tom Assault marine immobile my Rhino on turn 1, while my one of my Obliterator unit had destroyed there Razorback transport.



Heldrake just came on & baleflame the unit.






Tom Storm Raven arrive on turn 3, dropping off a unit of Assault Terminators.


Heldrake looking for new pray for the baleflame & vector strike


Tom Librarian & Assault marines holding onto the object on turn 5.


My Iron Warriors force running toward the Librarian & his Assault marine squad biggrin.png

With all five games finish. It was time to pack up & met up with my friends Iain & David while we waited for the awards.

For our selfs. My friend Iain ended up with the Best Chaos Space Marines player awards which was really great & I know he been play testing a lot of different list led up to Throne of Skulls Novemeber. While myself, I had the Best army nominee & also from round 3, my Obliterator pick up the Infamous Unit award for those armour saves.... for once the dice where with me lol.

Overall Throne of Skulls Novemeber was a great weekend. I said it before & I will say it
again. I enjoy attend the Throne of Skulls events. Each time the event team improve the event ever time. Last year I though October was the best & nothing could beat it, then Throne of Skulls April was my all time best event. Now that been beaten with Throne of Skulls Novemeber.

Also as said in past report. I attended tournaments for 10 years & during those times I only ever had five terrible
games over those years. Just there are many horror story out there, but it best for people to attend & see for them selfs.

But beyond that I had nothing but great games. Like the five games (along with practise) games I had. It was great from round 1 to round 5. It was also great talking to my oppents during the weekend ether when walking about in Warhammer World or when I was
getting a drink in bugman bar.

For me personal, it dose not matter if it a win, loss or draw. I like getting games against new/great oppents & just like to learn from my games. Not just that but I like going down to Warhammer World. My aim more toward the army side of thing for event & I like seen cool armies in general. I was happy that my Iron Warriors army was up for Nominee.

I enjoy all five games & my two practise games during the Throne of Skulls Novemeber weekend. Lot of highlight, for exsample round 4 against Si, how the game came down to just a handful of models. Or Round 3 with my Obliterator make all those armour save while on a single wound!.

My Obliterator & his battle honour

Iron Warriors for army nominee biggrin.png

I can only ever highly recommend attend Throne of Skulls.

After Throne of Skulls weekend. Me & my friends where stay until Monday. My friends where wanting to stay until the Monday so they could go into Warhammer World & just get a proper look around the display. As I find that, that I am usely really really
busy during the weekend with the gaming & also just general catch up with friends & oppents from past event.
So it was good on the Monday to get two hour before going back home to have a look around, place some Mail order & Forge World order & to get some launch from Bugman bar.

I have a topic kicking about in the Chaos Space Marine area showing the Warhammer World Chaos Marine display which was cool, seen all the models I grow up seen/when I started the hobby up to the now current range of Chaos Marines model all painted by the Eavy Metal team.

I think I will be taken my Iron Warriors to Throne of Skulls March. After that I would attend October & I would like to attend one more Throne of Skulls during this year. As said I enjoy attending. Just see if there anything I want to change army list wise as I really really like the brand new Codex Chaos Space Marines, there so much chose.

As for the army – I am making some changes to my Army list for Throne of Skulls March later this year.

I will still keep the heldrake, as I recently converted up a brand new (third) heldrake model for my Iron Warriors force. With the recent Games Workshop FAQ, it made the heldrake even better. It also help with the baleflame/getting to unit that are set up a bit to far back, say like Round 4 when I was against Si & his Space Wolves, the Long Fangs had a good few turns to shot that my main force. But the heldrake & Terminators really help against them.

I’ve been really impress with the Heldrakes during my games since useing them during Stirling Wargaming club Rapid Fire.

Another thing I am looking into is the Axe of Blind Fury onto the Chaos Lord Narach – The d6+5 attack on the charge is great. Also being S6 & I am striking that my I5. Just feel that this might give me a bit more of a edge in combat & when I enter into challenge as well.

For that I’ll need to drop two Chaos Marines & two extra Combat weapon (Melta arm models from squad 1 & 2). As said this is just to help him out a little more to get a bit more of a edge in close combat.

There maybe a few other things, but right now I’m just getting as many games as possible. Then see how it all goes that Throne of Skulls March.

Veteran of the Long war has been a great upgread. During Round 1 this really help me having the +1Ld when the Doom had deep strike into the middile of my force.

While the Banner of Vengance (fearless one) has been great, also I am well know for not being able to roll dice lol.

You can find more photos from Throne of Skulls Novemeber by here along with some photos from Warhammer World itself, as said there was also a chaos display during the weekend, which I got a topic kicking about in the Chaos area of the fourm



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