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The Astro Dogs

Motorbike Mike

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Good evening all.


This is a quick shot of a project I've just started on.


I've been looking to get back into gaming, I haven't played in a few years (way before 6th Ed.) and I sold off all of my Space Wolves to buy another motorcycle...


I bought the new box set and have been skimming through the rules, but I recently painted a Deathwing army for a commission and didn't want to do anymore Dangles for a while.


I remembered I had the Terminators still from Assault on Black Reach, so I thought I'd do a terminator based chapter.


They're the 'Astro Dogs'. I wanted something quite quick to paint but that also still looked nice.


I'm going for a worn brass armour scheme as I wanted them to be the type of 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' chapter. No bells and whistles, just whats needed to get the job done. If you run out of ammo, loot an Ork Shoota or Guard Lasgun etc.


I'm still working out all of the fluff and the like, I'll post more when I have it.














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They look really good what paints did you use to get the brass look please if you don't mind me asking


The brass was a black basecoat, heavy drybrush of Runelord Brass, then a lighter drybrush of Shining Gold, then a lighter Burnished Gold and a wash of slightly thinned Devlan Mud, followed by an edge highlight with Chainmail.

Then thin some Hawk Turquoise down and run it into the recesses for the verdigris.


I'm not usually one for drybrushing, I prefer to blend but I'm really happy with the way they turned out.



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Fantastic tint of blue there! If I can offer one piece of advice though. I would change the lense colour to something else. Maybe a sinister red as a nice spot colour :D




Yeah I did consider painting their eyes red, I think I might save that for the Chapter Master though, to give him a more sinister appearance.



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