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sorcerer question


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Under the unit description in the army list, it says the Sorcerer may take items from the melee weapons, ranged weapons, chaos rewards, special issue wargear, and / or chaos artefacts section of the wargear list.


On the wargear list, under melee weapons, it says a model can replace his bolt pistol and / or close combat weapon with one of the following. So, you are allowed to swap out the bolt pistol for anything listed on the melee weapons list.


Interestingly enough, the ranged weapons list says a model can replace one weapon with one of the following (that's weapon, not cc weapon). I think this means you can also exchange a bolt pistol or cc weapon for anything on that list as well.


It sounds like the closest thing to what you are trying to accomplish is a Chainaxe, which I suppose could be modelled as a chainsword. Considering the rules for the chainaxe, I don't know if that's really a good thing or not, it's kind of meh for 8 points. I would opt for a plasma pistol or power fist instead.


Please note there is no entry for wings in the current Codex, the closest thing is a jump pack. Your Sorcerer would not be flying infantry (if there are any rules for that), he would be jump infantry.

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