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DiY Renegade Questions


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Hello all,


So I have just a few questions about starting a DiY Renegade Chapter.



Is it plausible that the Salamanders have had some successor chapters?



Is the black skin of the Salamanders caused by geneseed or are the people Nocturne naturally black?



If I went with the Salamander base could I incorporate the Salamanders self reliance on maintaining equipment?



Could it be plausible that my renegades impersonate the Salamanders in order to to discredit them.



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1. Yeah, they haven't had a lot of successors, but enough to work a lineage out of certainly.

2. It's a combo of radiation from nocturne reacting with the melanchrome organ.

3. Yes and

4. Possibly, but that sounds more like an alpha legion thing to do.

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1. yes they have a few...not many but a few...

2. yeah what he said...haha

3. of course it is your amry...

4. always possible...the dragon warriors come to mind from the salamander novels...

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Hey guys,


Thanks for the responses, its funny you mention Alpha Legion because that was what I was originally gonna do, but I did a Crimson Fist army last and I don't really won't to do another blue army. Maybe I can work in the Alpha Legion some how into my plans. I will work on these steps and keep you guys up to date.



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