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Blood Angels introduction


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Hi all, thanks for your time. I'm mainly a Space Wolves player, and I'm thinking of branching out into another army.


I was considering either Grey Knights or a chapter that I designed myself, but I'm leaning BA cos of all the blood related fluff. I was an ambulance paramedic couple of years back, hence my attraction towards a Chapter filled with gore and blood.


Could someone explain why BA is fun to play this ed? Considering that one of the few reasons I'm attracted to BA is the close combat brutality that the assault marines and the DC can unleash, shooting armies is the way to go this ed. I've been experimenting with writing a couple of jumper lists as you guys term it, and they all suffer from a terrible lack of rate of fire that an army like the Skirt Angels Ravenwing or a nob army can unleash.

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We definetely shift towards a more shooty army this edition.

Nice things are librarians with Divination (yes we have it) coupled with shooty squads like sternguard or shooty honour guard.


The Stormraven is one of the best flyers in the game and ours has even better missiles than the Grey Knights' one.


DC are close combat beasts. They can ruin everyones day, but rely on an assault vehicle like a landraider or a stormraven.


Attack bikes are cheap, resililient and highly effective anti tank units.


What we lack is cool troop options like grey hunters od purifiers (with Crowe).

Our assault troops are pretty mediocre due to the nerf to close combat.

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You can make Assault Marines Jumper-Lists work, but just understand they have a sharper learning-curve than in the past editions and you have to be masterful in their employment. At best they can work. At worst they can get steamrolled before they ever achieve their goals. They will never truly be 'amazing.'


The Death Company and Sanguinary Guard are unique, interesting and deadly but you have to be really really careful with how you expose them to the enemy.


Not user-friendly, unless you put in the time to master the new nuances of Melee-40k (ie Challenge positioning, Challenge Tag-teams, Charge-angling, Tactical & Strategic Concentration, etc other tactics)


Fortunately we do well as hybrid, but still with an in-built disadvantage. As mentioned, the Stormraven is the most expensive flyer in the game but you get what you pay for, it is really good. Also, multimelta attackbikes with Priests to give Feel No Pain are really ace on a bunch of levels.


Also, if you like Predators then We are definitely your chapter. Add AV13 melee-dreadnoughts to that also.

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