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What can I say ? MORE Wolf Guard ! :)


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Another Axeman joins the ranks .. This time to not have them all look too alike, its not a 2 handed pose..




Dont have any more shoulder pads atm so cant make the last guy for the squad, I did order some more so hopefully I will get the unit completed soon :)


But Here is a pic of the 5 guys I have completed so far all together : 4 Wolf Guards and 1 Lone wolf, although he could be used as both a guard or a HQ if need be.





Now I think I'll try and wrap my head around either some Skyclaws or Swiftclaws - if anyone have some input on how to do either in a cool and "pre-heresy-kinda-way"

Especially if it involves wolf pelts/furs/cloaks or whatnot.. please leave a note :)


Cheers for all the comments, critisicm is as allways welcome :)



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