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Tips please: blood splatter

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Check out the Privateer Press: Hordes Legion of Everblight Force Book. There is a great two page tutorial about making blood splatter in the "How to Paint Legion" section.

Privateer Press also had a great article about this in a past issue of No Quarter Magazine. Can't remember which one, but it went something like this:


Get an old toothbrush

Get some paint on the bristles

Aim the toothbrush at the model

Using your thumb, or a piece of plasticard or whatever, run it over the top of the bristles

As the bristles spring back into place, it will flick the paint onto your model. Use more paint, get a bigger splatter. Press harder with your thumb, get a wider splat area. Press lightly, get a smaller area


You can also do this with a paint brush and blow on it.


It's a bit messy, but creates a pretty realistic pattern. And you can use it not only for blood, but mud, gore, what ever kind of splatter.

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I've had awesome results with the old GW paints mixing up reds with black to make a dark blood tone then adding in 'Ard coat to make it glisten. I then applied it by spattering it on with an old brush using my finger to comb the bristles back sending the paint forward in arterial spurts. I'm sure the new paints range could achieve the same look. The hard part is getting a red you like the look of, I'd recommend going for a darker red to make it look real. My mix was about 2 parts red gore 1 part blood red (to get the huge I wanted) and 1-2 part chaos black with that then having a 50/50 mix with the 'ard coat.


I'd add a picture but it's not on a model that's board approved (I've also not got a picture taken yet to link you else where).

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