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how to use bikes with attack bike with heavy bolter, 5 bikes and a captain


the captain has got lightning claw, Artificer amour, Lighting claw, Auxiliary grenade launcher and Hellfire rounds


the bikes have got 1 plasma gun and the rest stock


im facing grey knights and necrons. with another space marine player

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2 lightning claws? Hellfire? Not good...seems like a mismatch.


Otherwise, swarm the unit as a flanker around the opponent's units to get linebreaker or a deep objective, say, 24 inches back from them. Keep out of assault except for smaller targets of opportunity. Watch out for entropic weapons. Grab late game objectives, possibly spillting the captain off to deny. If a KP mission, certainly look to keep the unit as a sweeper to kill off weaker units, and remember you can always assault enemy AV10(rear) vehicles like barges and rhinos.

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I think that your captain might be over-tooled for the mission at hand. Artificer armor is nice but the aux grenade launcher is too much. Sure, he might now be relentless with the bike, but he can only fire one weapon a turn. Either the twinlinked bolters or the grenade launcher.


Here's how I see your captain and squad:

Captain w/ twin lightning claws, artificer armor, bike

Bike Sergeant w/ meltabombs

1 plasmagun biker

3 bikers

attack bike with heavy bolter


This loadout will make your squad scoring, but are better suited to the shooting of infantry. You should use them to flank weakened enemy units (shot to pieces first) and then drive them off with close combat. Don't assault just because you can because these guys won't do the job you think they'll do.


I have a similar unit I've been trying out.

Captain w/ relic blade, digi weapons, artificer armor, bike, meltabombs

Sgt w/ powerfist, meltabombs

2 plasma or flamer or melta bikers

2 bikers

attack bike with mulitmelta


They are best suited to shooting heavy infantry or light vehicles. With relentless, they can pour more accurate bolter and special weapon fire than a tactical squad on a target. Plus if they are close enough, they can try to assault. They suck at assaulting even though I have kitted them out for it. The sergeant is so slow, that he is usually smoked before he gets a chance to swing. I'll probably go to a power sword for him instead of the fist. The Captain is my guy for challenges. The captian is nice for assaults, but with only him. He can make a mess of a weakened infantry unit by himself and having a high initative can reliably run down a fleeing unit.

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Actually, the Aux Grenade Launcher can be fired alongside another weapon, which is a big part of why it costs so much. By taking it on a bike with hellfire rounds you are gaining 2 shots hitting on 2 with re-rolls, wounding on 2, and another strength 6 shot or a strength 3 blast at 12 inches... And then you get to charge :tu:


What upgrades are you taking on the Sergeant? It could be worth adding a combi-weapon in there or a power weapon. I would recommend melta-bombs on both the sergeant and captain however, for 10 points it is REALLY worth it.


Tactics-wise, if these models are the only setup you can take, then simply run them as bikes are intended: as a harrassment unit.

Use them to support any action you need to succeed on the tabletop, be it shooting/assaulting infantry/tanks, and in the end you can make a run for an objective and linebreaker!

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