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Sanguinary priest in terminator armor?


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So i was thinking of fielding a sanguinary priest in terminator armour. (brother corb is a better choice but i likr kit-bashing)


How did you all pull it off?


Also currently making a DA-librarian from the dark vengrance pack into a blood angels reclusiarch.

How does it work when converting characters? I got the force staff from a furioso kit lying around since i made him non-librarian.


Are there any official rules when converting or can i with some glue, perhaps some greenstuff and a knife (and a hell of a lot imagination... :tu:) pass it off as a crozius arcanum?

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Thats what i call a power weapon!


So far he's one armed due to me not deciding what weapon to use. I call him captain jack


Space Hulk is a sold out board game from GW.

It included a whole bunch of Blood Angel terminators with really great sculpts.

I used it as a source for my priest in terminator army as well.




Oh crap he's good looking O.o. What weapon is that? :tu:

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