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Holiday Deals to build your forces!

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My FLSG in Plano TX is doing a big sale that I wait for each year. From Thanksgiving to New Years they do buy two get one free on everything but food in the store. No matter what line or what system. Since this is a WH site I am not asking for your ideas on other systems. Specifically what would you buy for WH 40k?


My primary army is Space Marines (I have everything but the new flyer)

My Secondary army is Tyranids. ( I have a lot of stuff but could do with anything except gene stealers gaunts and carnis)

I have a few Orks from what I didn't trade out of BR box sets over the last couple of years.


I am looking to either purchase something as allies for my SMs or to fill out the other two armies. While I would like to know what you think I should buy, I also want to know what you would buy for yourself regardless of my list. My budget is about $300 USA. Have fun and let me know!!





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