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Hello, I am new to the forums and new to the game as well. I have been looking thru this forum for awhile and have found alot of good info so i finally decided to make an account and introduce myself. I have read the 40k books for along time but never got into the game. When i saw the Dark vengence box i decided to change that. I bought the box and gave the chaos army to a friend and decide to build the DA army. After buying a few squads i relized i didnt really know what i was doing so i decided to look at army lists for some help and i sumbtled apon an awesome 1500 RW army that i really like so i decided to build an army based off that with a few personal touches of course. Im still in the process of building it (i am on a plumbers salary after all lol) but am very close to completing. But anyways im very glad to have found this site and hope to learn alot more.
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