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Question about the Purge


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It's kind of the answer to the question. The Purge are dedicated to Nurgle. But where they are at between status as Nurgle-dedicated and Plague Marines is uncertain. After all, the main difference between the two is that the Plague Marines have been infected with a special virus-malediction that is only know to the Blight-Mages of the Death Guard. But those Blight-Mages have no exclusive loyalty to the Death Guard and have been found outside of the Legion. Whether or not the Purge has found these is unknown so there could be Plague Marines. It is unknown if they are fully one or the other or have some mixture of the two groups within their hierarchy.
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All the studio minis for The Purge have been Nurgle-marked but not actual plaguemarines, and what little there is about them in the vraks books supports this impression. There's no reason they shouldn't have plaguemarines, but they're also probably the least likely of any Nurgle subfaction to have them as they're the least devout of his followers - glorifying grandfather Nurgle isn't their main goal or even very high on their priority list (in fact, their end goal, while unachievable with their means, would actually be a disaster for the entire pantheon)


I personally wouldn't take plaguemarines in a Purge warband, but nobody's going to complain if you do.

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