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The Cleaved


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Gods of Chaos hear my call!


I Uprising hereby pledge my soul, my allegiance and that of my troops', to Chaos Eternal.


I swear to you that I will paint and present 1 five member squad of Havoc, 1 helbrute and 1 seven member squad of Plague marines of The Cleaved, before January 18th, 2013.

I also promise to provide a project update, at least twice per month.


You can follow my progress here: My WIP (to be created).




I know it's a little late but college drains so much time out of the hobby :whistling: Well here my wip on my new chaos space marine army, that i start with the new codex. Enjoy and leave comments if you like.


My pledge plus cultist



Havoc squad, guns are WIP



half of the plague marines



The rest of the plague marine squad



Finally the helbrute



Detail on custom autocannon with body



Five cultist for test color scheme



Two more updates coming later tonight. Hopefully after finals and during breaks i can finish this lot. Thanks for reading.

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Plague marine Champ



Two Spawns for if I fail the call




Custom Autocannon for havocs (made from csm heavy blotters, IG autocannon bits, and csm vehicle heads bits)



They all get painted hopefully next month hopefully :verymad:

C&C welcome and thanks for reading

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