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Plague Marines WIP

Sgt. Blank

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One of the units I pledged for Call of Chaos V is a unit of plague marines.


I'm working on a test model:


I'd welcome any comments.


So far:

1) Prime Black

2) Heavy dry brush dark brown

3) Dry brush medium brown

4) Dry brush bone

5) Dry brush 50-50 white and bone


Here is the rest of the unit at that point:



6) Shade with green ink

7) Retouch with 75-25 mix of bone and green

8) Flesh wash in and around damaged areas

9) Watered down orange on some of same areas

10) Stipple with 50-50 mix dark brown and dark grey


To finish tester I need to:

11) Make lenses brighter

12) Apply wash to grenades


Before I carry through the same steps on the rest, any comments or suggestions on the tester?


Thanks for looking

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