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A Painting Question


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Just curious on how you paint a marine with a split scheme.

eg like the Omega Marines


Would getting thin masking tape be the easiest or is their another way, i dont really have an overly steady hand, well not enough to paint a perfectly strait line.

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Tape would be a little hard to use over those rough and round surfaces mate. You could use a piece of card as a mask to spray the second colour, but you'll need to go in by hand to tidy up the line I reckon.


Just do section by section and I reckon you'll be fine. Oe more thing, paint black over white, not the other way round!

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I use this when test-assemble and sometimes when I spray paint to prevent color from adhering to particular areas. It's cheap and the spray paint doesn't damage it, meaning you can re-use it multiple times. Just be aware, I had some off-brand version of this that melted the object it was holding together, no clue what happened there.

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