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First 40k Army


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This is my first shot at a 40k army and after seeing the figures in the Dark Vengence set I have decided to try and make a Dark Angel force. I am currently being shown how to play by a friend and using his Marine army.

I have started with Deathwing. I wanted to make them almost bone white and not use dip at all while painting.

Any comments or advice more than welcome as this is really just a first try!






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nicely done though i will say the armour could do with a bit more definition with a wash in the recesses.


by dip do you mean washes or army painter quickshade?


He probably means quickshade. Which BTW is awesome for lazies like me :)



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If you want to add some definition to the models without washing, then get some VGC 72039: Plague Brown, or the GW equivalent (have no idea which one it is now since they've changed their paints). Grab a small pointed brush, I use a 5/0 from Princeton Art. Then just put a line of that into each of the recess lines in the Armor.


I prefer the lined look as opposed to the wash look on bone and other bright colors like white, yellow, and orange. Even a super thinned wash is going to change the shade of something that light in tone, which forces you to pretty much repaint the base color if you don't like the new, darker shade with the wash.


All in all, excellent start, your details are very crisp and well defined: makes me think you could pull off lining just fine :huh:


P.S. check the album that I have in my profile if you want to see what it looks like with the shade and a white highlight on the upper edges. I'm slowly working on a full 4th company of Angels of Absolution (the all bleached bone army).

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Will go back and revist the lining and some extra highlights and post another pic of them. For the troops themselves I am tempted to do a successor chapter with some bone white also, just fo make them stand out a little. Was going to leave the deathwing and ravenwing as per the dsrk angel colour scheme.

Thanks for sll the advice and welcomes

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thanks for all the welcomes and comments. I am going over them now to get some more definition on the shading. I have started the chapter master. Need to finish off the finer detail but this is how he is looking at the moment. Finally got the green I liked for the armour so figured I would try it on a non totally green Angel.

As before any advice welcome, cannot get the power sword how I want currently so have started again on it



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First finished marine. Hard to get the real darkness I wanted but pic with and without flash gives an idea...the remaining unit is on the way



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  • 2 weeks later...

First tac squad completed





Any comments or advice welcome. Will be doing some minor conversions to second dv set I now have to keep them different.

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They look great. At first I thought the green highlights were too stark but I reckon that's just the flash making them look brighter. Did you make the bases or buy them?


My only suggestion is to use a gryphonne sepia wash on the parchment of the purity seals. It'll make them look more papery and differentiate them from the other white and bone areas.


Welcome to The Rock!

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Cheers for the comments and advice. What colour is that wash? I have vallego paints so dont have that one. Tried a flesh wash but too orangy/brown. The bases are home made. I bought a tube of pollfiller and added some slate chips I painted up.

I am making minor changes to the second set of DV Dark Angels so that they do not look like carbon copies.

First up is the Deathwing heavy weapons. Given a new right arm, a purity seal on the shoulder pad and the missile launcher.




Any comments and advice welcome thanks

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