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Alpha Legion Test model


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First off I hope this is OK to post in here.


I have been trying to get the right color for 30k era Alpha Legion, and wanted to get some thought. Now this is a test model and its a bit rough, also deciding to take a picture at night, using a desk lamp and the flash on my phone is probably not the best way to get a good picture, but this being England who knows what the weather will be like tomorrow.





The lighting has removed some of the purpleyness but I think its apparent on the top pictures helm. Also not sure if I have overdone the grime.


I am thinking of in the future adding dead marines to the base of future, possibly Space Wolves as I think think they fought during the Heresy, but not sure on that. Could always have other Alpha Legionares there the way there story is developing ^_^


Thoughts and criticism appreciated.

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