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Raven Guard 2500pts


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I finally settled for a Crusade era Raven Guard, have a look !


Master of Signal

Artificier armour, power weapon, refractor shield


3 Legion rapiers

Laser Arrays


Destroyer Squad

10 marines with Jump Packs and 2 Missile Launchers


3 x Assault Squads

15 marines with 3 power weapons


Reconnaissance Squad

8 marines with 5 x Sniper Rifles and Cameleoline


4 x Land Speeders in 2 Squadrons

with Multi-Melta


Heavy Support squad

8 marines with Missile Launchers & Flakk missiles


-----------------------------------------------------2500 pts.


I think it will be fun ;) MKII armours will be everywhere along with some MKIII: you see from the list the Destroyer and heavy support squad will use them.

I'm not sure if rule wise the Reconnaissance squad should have scout or power armour. I would like to see them wielding sniper rifles in power armour for a change....

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